9 Instagram Tricks To Enhance Your Reels

Instead of being a platform to express their ideas and feelings, many Instagram users view their feeds as photo galleries. When someone just posts well-arranged and manicured photos, this is the most evident. If you want to make the most of Instagram, create video reels using your account. Do you want to make your Instagram reels better? The methods listed here can help you raise your reel game, whether you’re a future social media star or simply want to make the most out of your account. We’ve got you covered on everything, including how to become a better editor and what stuff to contribute. Continue reading and start producing some incredible reels.

  1. Apply The Same Filter To All Your Reels

If you want your reel to appear cohesive, it’s imperative that you use the same filter on each of your flicks. This is not to suggest that you shouldn’t experiment with filters, but if you do, make sure that it’s intentional and a part of the narrative that your reel is trying to convey. It enhances the flow and provides your reel a more polished appearance. Your reel will look more like a TV show or short film when it is consistent rather than a collection of various films. Additionally, providing exceptional material on your page may get a lot of followers. If you want to enhance interaction, you can also purchase Instagram followers.

  1. Enhance Your Videos

When you’ve finished filming all of your material, it’s time to begin editing. However, be sure you are clear on your goals for your reel before you begin to cut. Here, you’ll put everything together and check to see that it’s all in place. If you’ve never edited a video before, don’t panic; there are a ton of resources accessible to help. If you really want to step it up, try using video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or In Shot. Are you trying to be humorous? Why not demonstrate your musical talents? Why don’t you describe a day in your life? Whatever your goal, be sure it is served by your editing. Each cut and segment should support the overarching goal of the video. Your reel will become more cohesive and engaging as a result.

  1. Make Sure the Music Is Free of Copyright Before Using It

Using copyrighted music in your reel is one of the most often requested questions we receive. That could be the solution. You run the danger of legal action if you utilize someone else’s music without their consent. Having said that, there are workarounds accessible. Numerous websites offer music that is unrestricted by copyright. Find a website that satisfies your needs by doing some research. Additionally, a lot of musicians would agree to you using their music as long as you gave them credit in your reel’s description. Making your reel more relevant by including pertinent audio may also increase the number of people who will view it.

  1. To Get a More Dramatic Effect, Shoot Horizontally

This is one of the most important techniques for creating amazing reels. A more cinematic look to your reel may be achieved by shooting horizontally. You may also enlarge the scenario by including more people or scenery. Because it is more practical, many people make the error of recording vertically, yet this produces a tape that seems less professional. Nowadays, a lot of people work hard to provide excellent video content. You must thus make your reel distinct from the competition.

  1. Utilizing Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to increase the number of people who watch your video. Make sure the hashtags you choose are appropriate for your content and aren’t excessive. Per reel, we advise using 10 to 15 hashtags. In addition to hashtags, keywords are essential for increasing the number of people who see your reel. Make sure the keywords you select connect to the content and your specialty. For instance, #travelreel or #travelgram are excellent keywords to use if you run a travel blog. You may also use geographic tags to make sure that others in your community see your video.

  1. Short And Sweet Is Best

Your reel should be as succinct and to the point as any other type of material. No one wants to see a 10-minute reel (unless it’s very excellent). Generally, aim for a period of 30 to 60 seconds. You have ample time to show off your skills without boring the audience. Your little video will pique the curiosity of many viewers, encouraging them to view one of your longer videos.

  1. Asking For Reels

You must first let people know that your reel exists if you want them to view it. A great way to do this is to invite people to view your reel in your profile or on your articles. You might add, “Check out my most recent reel for additional travel advice,” for instance. Not only are you letting people know that you have a reel, but you’re also giving them a reason to watch it. You may also ask for people to view your story reel.

  1. Interactive Features

To keep people interested and coming back for more, use interactive elements in your Instagram clips. You might, for instance, ask viewers to vote in your narrative for which clip they want to see next or include a little quiz at the end of each reel. Additionally, you may work with other users to arrange prizes or develop collaboration reels. Your account will become more amusing and engaging thanks to interactive elements, which will also help you build stronger bonds with your fans.

  1. Useful Information

Like any other piece of content, you must ensure that the information you provide in your reel is actually helpful. If you’re a travel blogger, for instance, you may give suggestions on how to travel on a budget or what items you should always include in your carry-on bag. If you’re a gourmet, you may also contribute some of your go-to recipes or cooking tips. Ensure that the knowledge you impart is something that others will actually find useful. Moreover, make an effort to mix the kind of information you publish to prevent your account from becoming too one-dimensional.


The aforementioned advice will help you produce engaging Instagram reels that viewers will want to watch. By adhering to these recommendations, you may maximize the potential of your account and possibly expand your fan base.

Written by Sajjad Ahmad

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