A Newbie Guide to Choosing 5e Races in Dandruff

5e Races in Dandruff

A few months before I stepped onto the 5e trail, my wife and I made a decision. We were going to do one of the 5e races. If we both did, then there would be no doubt in my mind we would nail it. And we did. Let me tell you what we did and why we did it.

We chose five of the best five races from each of the starter packs. We knew these were the races that would give us the most experience. The two races that we chose to use in our 5e races were both from the starter packs from the same manufacturer. This gave us the perfect combination.

So what happened during our 5e races? We started out in the Neverwinter Camping Grounds in the Northrend. I myself, being an Elf, and my wife being a Human, had the easiest time of all the characters. We finished in the first place by only a point and a half. Although it was easy being with such an attentive and talented group, it did take a little bit of work to keep them paying attention to everything we said.

For the next five races, we went with our second set of alignment options. This time we decided to go with the Dwarf, the High Elf, the ETH, and the Night Elf. Our starting areas for these were the Forgotten Crypts in Stormwind and the Barrens in Ashenvale. Again, being on Alliance made things easier since the Human character in this group had the compatibility bonus with all three races.

Now that we had all the 5e races, we needed to know which races to choose for the other two races. In order to figure out which of the races worked for what character, we played through some scenarios and wrote down how effective each race was. This allowed us to see exactly which ones would be beneficial to play for each class in a specific leveling area. After we had done that, we had to decide on which of the Human starting areas to go through in order to get each of the classes.

The two races that had the most beneficial effect on leveling were the humans and the halflings. The dwarf was actually the worst option, but then again, so were the evil races, so we threw that in there for the sake of variety. The halflings brought in extra gold thanks to their stealth and their speed, but the rest of the Human starting area was fine. Once you get the hang of the maps, you will notice that there are still some decent spots that you can get to, even in the start areas where all the gold chests are.

The final thing we looked at was the different starting areas for each of the 5e races. The Tauren got to start with an arctic Tauren, the forest troll started with the forest troll, the gnome started with the gnome starting area, and the orcs got to start with the orcish starting area. There was actually a very interesting bit to this as the Tauren could take amount, while the gnomes got to start with a common pet that didn’t do anything. So what makes these races unique in Dandruff? Well, they are actually the only ones to have pets in the game now.

The last major class that we looked at was dragons. The Draenei were given a chance to choose a different race for their first race, and they turned out to be incredibly popular, especially with the Alliance. While it was always possible to play drained through previous editions, the 5th edition gave them an outstanding choice of race, which helped them gain popularity very quickly. When looking at your options when choosing your first 5e races, make sure to look at the new options that are available to you through the WoW expansion packs, and you will have an enjoyable experience of getting started on your character and playing races in Dandruff.

Written by Olivia Jose

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