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America’s Best Traditional USA Dishes

Top 10 American dishes

If you’re looking for the best traditional USA dishes, start with a list of favorites. This might be a long list for some people, but we are talking about America, where the best things are often left until the last minute. You can probably find many of your favorites on this list, but it’s just going to depend on what kind of mood you are in. For example, if you love sweet treats, you might enjoy apple pie or cinnamon rolls better than burgers.

Barbecue and Hamburgers:

If burgers are something you avoid because you’re too busy working, having a burger and cheese meal is always a good option. Best traditional USA dishes include barbecue and hamburgers. But, of course, there are also many different ways you can prepare these American foods. Some of the best burgers and barbeque dishes include Chicago style, Southern, Texas fried steak, chili, baked beans, and coleslaw.


When it comes to America’s favorite sweet treat, apple pie is number one. Applesauce adds a bit of creaminess to this popular dessert. Along with applesauce, there are several other toppings you can add to applesauce, including blueberries, honey, and whipped cream. It is served alone but can also be topped with jelly or lemon juice. One of the best traditional USA dishes uses apple cider vinegar and apple juice to make a tart and delicious drink.

American coffee blend:

If you love coffee, then you are in for a treat when you have your morning coffee. Best traditional USA dishes include coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. For breakfast, the most popular choice is usually oatmeal with fresh fruit. To add some fun to this American classic, consider having orange marmalade with it. You can also serve orange juice with your coffee if you like. This is just one of the many great combinations you can try when preparing and enjoying an American coffee blend.

Bacon sandwich:

The final American snack dish we are going to look at is the famous bacon sandwich. There is no arguing that this is America’s most popular food. On a hot summer’s day in the south, you will find everyone gathering around the pool to eat their favorite bacon sandwiches. Although apple pie is America’s most popular dessert, bacon sandwiches are a close second in popularity. They have both sweet and savory flavors to them and go great with a cup of morning coffee. Another top traditional use dish that also goes great with an apple pie is the fried cheese sandwich.

To round off our look at some of the best traditional dishes, we have some of the most popular clam chowders in the country. Everyone who eats clam chowder knows that it is a favorite of many people. It is easy to make as well, so you might want to try making some this week to tide you over before the big game. If you don’t have clam chowder in your fridge, you are missing out. This dish is a must-try for this summer.


To round things off, we will look at one of the more unique and tasty foods from the south, the fried clam. In many southern states, you will find fried clam at festivals and various parties. Typically, the recipe for fried clam chowder will include corn, flour, seasoning, butter, pepper, onion, milk, and salt. You may be able to find a recipe that includes milk or not, but in general, fried clam chowder will include cream and milk, a little milk, and a lot of pepper and onions.

These are two interesting and delicious choices in our list of the top 10 must-try American foods. They are both very simple to prepare and enjoyable to eat. In addition, both are representative of the typical styles of food from the south. I hope that you have enjoyed these picks. In the coming weeks, we will be looking at other southern recipes. In the meantime, feel free to use your imagination and come up with your favorite recipes from the south.



Written by Sajjad Ahmad


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