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The Chicago Food Bucket List

Restaurants in Chicago

It is time to sample some of Chicago’s famous restaurants and food Bucket Lists! One of the most famous and in-demand attractions of the city is the Will Rogers recreational area. This area, located on the northwest side of Chicago, is an extension of the historic Grand Crossing Park downtown. Famous for its massive clubhouse and country club features, the area is a must for anyone who wants to sample this famous area’s finer delicacies!

On this edition of your Chicago food bucket list, we have two restaurants that have won the hearts of many and are easy to find: Harry Caracci and Mantua at the corner of North Avenue. Both restaurants have extensive menus of international dishes, local favorites, and delicious deep-dish pizzas. From their casual bar to their cozy outdoor courtyard, Harry Caracci’s offers wine and beer, has a full cocktail menu, and boasts award-winning chefs. In addition to their fantastic food, they feature music by Thelonious Monk and jazz nights.

Vedge Restaurant:

Another hot spot on this edition of your Chicago food bucket list is Vedge Restaurant in the Rosehill neighborhood of Chicago. Vedge offers casual American eating with various entrees and delectable desserts and more elegant dining with wine and beer. The menu features salads, pizza, wraps, seafood, pasta, and seafood pasta dishes. You can even enjoy their vegetarian pizzas and grilled vegetable sampler platters.

Windy City Grill:

If you are looking for Chicago cuisine with a little more sophistication, look no further than Windy City Grill on Michigan Avenue. This signature windy city restaurant serves up outstanding food at a reasonable price. Their delicious chicken entrees have been ranked best in the city by Cooks Illustrated and are famous for their spinach & bacon & cheese platter. In addition, they offer a variety of entrees that will tantalize your taste buds, and their unique decorations add an interesting twist to your usual taste sensations.

Tim’s Southwestern Kitchen:

On this edition of your Chicago food bucket list, I recommend that anyone who wants to experience true Southwestern cuisine check out Tim’s Southwestern Kitchen. If you are tired of the same old frozen chicken or beef hot dog that you have been eating, this restaurant is for you. Executive chef Troy Patterson creates mouthwatering dishes from traditional pork products using fresh and traditional ingredients like corn flour, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and Cayenne pepper. A wonderful thing about this restaurant is that you can have any dish without worrying about the dreaded frozen food allergies.

The Ruben Sandwich:

This dish is listed on both the Chicago restaurants bucket list and my personal favorite Chicago food list. The Ruben Sandwich is a deluxe sandwich that comes in two parts. The first part is a breaded and deep-fried turkey sandwich. You will find a variety of fillings here like turkey bacon, turkey sausage, ham hocks, Swiss cheese, and more. This delectable sandwich should definitely be on any Chicago restaurant bucket list.

Blackbird Bistro:

Another delectable dish on my personal favorite Chicago restaurants list is the Blackbird Bistro and Creamy Tofu Pie. My mom uses to make these delicious bistros at home using the recipes that she found in one of our old cookbooks. So I decided to try a homemade version while on my trip to the south side of Chicago. I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant because they serve a variety of vegetarian foods. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is that they serve cold vegetable sampler platters for parties.

For dessert, my favorite is their cinnamon twists with maple glaze. Anyone who loves cinnamon should really try this restaurant’s hot cinnamon popcorn. If you are planning a trip to the south side of Chicago, I would definitely suggest checking out some of the Chicago restaurants listed above. There are many restaurants that I have not yet tested, but I am sure that I will be back soon enough to try them all!

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