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Exploring the Lure of Hollywood

Exploring the Lure of Hollywood

Hollywood is a melting pot of culture, color, and humanity. A global symbol of the film industry, Hollywood beckons visitors with iconic landmarks such as TCL Chinese Theater and the star-studded Walk of Fame located at Hollywood Boulevard. Other highlights include numerous historic music venues such as Hollywood Bowl, Regency Hotel, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and Hollywood Bowl. In addition, local locals frequent local eateries in neighboring Chinatown.

Not only does Hollywood serve as a gateway to Hollywood, but it is also an entertainment industry epicenter. The city is a hot spot for movie and television production, with more than 200 film studios, television stations, and video game studios dotting the landscape. Celebrities are also a staple of Hollywood, making it the entertainment industry’s cultural capital as well. Actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, and Jennifer Aniston have all made their home in Los Angeles. Tourists can soak up the Hollywood glamour at the famous Hollywood sign or enjoy the Hollywood stretch drive.

Besides the glamorous locations, Hollywood is a fertile ground for talented artists. Some of this is due to the fact that Hollywood is a town where people live, work, and play. In addition, this epicenter of creativity and innovation is the home to the Academy Awards, which honors exemplary film and television talent. Located in Hollywood, the Academy Awards is actually an award ceremony hosted by the Academy Awards – not by the producer or distributor. However, in recent years, the Academy has been hosting more of a celebration of individual artistic achievements than the general awards show, focusing more on artistic films and performers.

The birthplace of Hollywood, L.A., has been a hub for movie, television, and music production for decades. Thanks to the advent of cable and satellite television, virtually every popular show can be viewed on your local network – which is a great reason to head to Hollywood if you are planning a trip to Los Angeles. In addition, many hotels in the area boast a complimentary Hollywood Boulevard map, so you can visit the famous Hollywood boulevard before your trip and discover the rich cultural diversity that makes the area so interesting. In fact, the historic Hollywood sign may even be seen from your hotel window.

If you are looking for a unique place to stay in Hollywood, you should consider staying at a Hollywood hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. Situated between Sunset and Rodeo Drive, a hotel on Hollywood Boulevard offers breathtaking views of both the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood skyline. Many celebrities are also associated with a Hollywood boutique hotel; check out the chic Hotelquerade Inn, a boutique that was co-founded by two Hollywood insiders: actor Mel Gibson and musician Jermaine Clement. The boutique is currently housed in its own building on Hollywood Boulevard, with a permanent restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. Outside of its location on Hollywood Boulevard, the Hotelquerade Inn is also open to tourist clients, offering special guest discounts.

Another spot to find an interesting spot in Hollywood is the Los Angeles Studios. Just west of downtown Los Angeles, the Studios was home to the original Disney Company, producing films like Fantasia, Cinderella, and Tarzan. A popular attraction for children, the Studios was also the location where Walt Disney became obsessed with creating a film industry here, one that would rival the industry he had helped create outside of Hollywood. Today, the Disney name still lives on, as several of their themed restaurants and hotel destinations still exist.

Located in the northern part of Hollywood, the Gower Grand Hotel is one of the more elegant hotels in Hollywood. Considered a hotelier’s haven, the hotel features a rooftop pool, conference facilities, and complimentary breakfast each morning. The hotel was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who served as an advisor to Walt Disney and is home to several landmark architecture firms today. The Gower Grand Hotel is among the most notable buildings in Hollywood, and many celebrities are rumored to have stayed here during memorable times in their careers.

While visiting Hollywood, the best way to get a true feel for the city is to spend some time wandering the countless streets and alleys of Hollywood Boulevard, taking in the sights and sounds of the movie capital of the world. A walk along Hollywood Boulevard will tell time and show you just how different the people of Hollywood are as well. And while a walk on ‘Hollywood Boulevard’ will not give you the feeling that you have left Hollywood, a quick lookup will reveal even more about this city and the people who live and work here.

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