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Money Heist

The fifth installment of the hit FX shows Money Heist features an all-new trailer for the series. The fifth trailer of Money Heist Season 5 was premiered on August 2, right before the show’s premiere. The anticipated Video, coming just a month ahead of the premiere of the series, contains exciting action sequences featuring the gang members dealing with the repercussions after Nairobi is killed. The short two-minute Video showcases the major characters getting over their friend’s death.

Nairobi is the main playable character in the trailer. Justin Chatman plays him. Chatman’s blend of acting skills has earned him many supporting roles in movies and TV series, including Kill Bill, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Expendables, Men in Black, etc. With his experience in front of the camera, it comes as no surprise that he can easily fit into the role of Nairobi in the fifth installment of the money heist series. However, the man’s tough exterior is brought down when he meets Victor, an ex-thief turned cop and finds out that he wants to help him solve the crime.

In the money heist season 5 trailer, which was aired on July 14, it was revealed that Victor already had an idea about the events that will take place in the next episode of his crime story. In fact, he already had the list of contacts from the first episode. The list included people who are close to Nairobi, including his former girlfriend, and his boss, among others.

However, it seems like Oded Fehr and Iain Glen have finally gotten around to making the money heist season 5 trailer. According to Fehr, the new cast for the crime drama has been finalized. Unfortunately, no further casting announcements were made. However, we can expect more announcements on the actual production date of the anime TV series. We also get to see how Katsuhiro Otomo’s adaptation of the manga series into a feature-length film is coming along.

In the money heist season 5 trailer, it was briefly shown that some of the main characters in the anime series, such as Professorketeers’ Katsuhiro, were seen attending the Tokyo Trial. It was also implied that they were in the process of finding their next target. In the anime TV series, Katsuhiro was seen as the chief of the Japanese division of the Special Investigation Division, Tokyo Settlement. He was also the mentor of Nairobi, the anime’s main character, who is a professional thief known as Neo.

The money heist season 5 trailer implied that the anime is supposed to continue into the final episodes. It will most likely be premiering in Japan in summer 2021. This will be the first anime series in Japan ever to receive an award for Best Television Series at the Te Show. Crunchyroll and Hulu are the streaming sites that confirmed the premiere of the series. We can expect more announcements regarding the international release of the series very soon as well.

Crunchyroll has also revealed that the second part of the anime adaption of Haidarimari called volume 1 will be premiering in Spring 2021. This is also the planned finale of the anime, but the third part of the Haidarimari movie is already set to premiere in April. Crunchyroll will stream the first part of the Haidarimari volume 1 trailer as soon as it becomes available on their site.

So if you are one of those die-hard fans who have been watching the show since the first episode, the money heist season 5 trailer sure will make you want to watch the anime’s final season. Crunchyroll offers two different options to choose from; you can get the English version or the Korean version. Crunchyroll offers a membership fee for users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and you can also download the trailer when you are done with your episode of Haidarimari.


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