Fortnite In-Home Purchase Additions

Fortnite In-Home Purchase Additions

If you’ve been paying attention to the Fortnite item shop lately, you might have noticed that it’s been expanding quite a bit. It’s not entirely surprising, though, considering how popular the game is. So as people continue to play it regularly, the site will continue to grow and expand as well.

The most popular items sold in the item shop are weapons and armor. You can also buy decorations for your walls and even cosmetics for your character. The problem is, many of these things are extremely expensive. That means that only a select few can afford them. Lucky for us, there is an easy way to get unlimited v-bucks by just buying the right fortunate armor and weapon from the Fortnite item shop.

If you’re looking for an easy way to access all of your favorite items, then look no further. That’s what’s at the heart of the Fortnite item shop: deals. Of course, the key to finding those deals is to know where to look. We’ll take a look at some of those places in this brief guide.

The first place to look for great deals on the Fortnite item shop is at the daily bundle. The daily bundle offers a variety of different items for your character each day. Each of them comes with a hefty discount for those who buy them in bundles. While a lot of the cheaper bundles include mostly empty space and duplicate items, the best ones always have one or two useful pieces inside of them. That way, you can maximize your savings. The downside is that there are only limited bundles out there at any given time.

Next up in the Fortnite item shop are the emotes. Just like the daily bundle, there is a wide variety of different emotes included in the packages you can purchase. The cool thing about these, however, is that you can get one free per day! So if you spend half of a day buying emotes and use them all up, you’ll get your free Emo avatar for free! Of course, you might be saying, “How could I possibly get emotes for free… they cost $5!”

The answer to that question is very simple. The contents of the cosmetics bundles that the Fortnite item shop offers contain codes that can be used with the official Fortnite website to get discounts on the items inside. Some of the items include the legendary hammer, glow worm, duck egg, unicorn horn, chicken wings, unicorn horn clip, and stone brick. You also get access to the legendary skull, goldeneye, and squire Forester hats. A lot of the items come with a 250 v-stone pack as well!

As an extra bonus, the Fortnite item shop includes the animated luau, festive eidetic memory, fire breathing, cyclone slam, fire fury, immortal essence, Jedi mind trick, mace punch, lightning storm, spirit strike, and back bling. The spirit strike can be used to instantly get rid of some negative status effects, and the back bling gives you double the amount of defense. The codes for these items can be found inside the downloadable contents of the bundle. Each of these items has their own code, which can be used to get the item.

Another great thing about the Fortnite item shop is the fact that they sell refunds! If you don’t like the items you’ve bought, simply send them a request to refund the money you spent. The Fortnite team will look into it and give you the appropriate reasons as to why you were not satisfied with the product. You can also get special offers if you purchase more than one of the items. For example, you can get twice the amount of gliders for one price or v-buses for ten dollars.

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