Fun Fact: Beach and Bay Bungalows Has Many Things to Offer

Beach and Bay Bungalows

Beach and Bay bungalows are located on Dune Road in Hampton Bays. The Beach and Bay Bungalows are situated on a beautiful beach surrounded by trees. The buildings are all white painted, giving the buildings a cottage-like feel. Dune Road runs through the center of the beach and has many restaurants, shops, and other attractions. Dune Road is also known for its parties and other events throughout the year.

Beach and Bay Bungalows at Westhampton Beach is ideal beachside living at its very best. Whether you’re coming to the short distance or are seeking a full-blown stay, Beach and Bay Bungalows offer a cozy, cottage-like feel with eight spacious bungalow rooms. Each room is trimmed in white and features a private sitting area, bedroom, and bathroom. The rooms are decorated to reflect the style of cottages popular in England during the Edwardian era.

The main attraction of Beach and Bay Bungalows is its proximity to the famous Westhampton Beach. The buoys line the beach and offer water sports for visitors who want a break from the sun. An abundance of activities can be found along the beach at Beach and Bay Bungalow. You can spend a relaxing afternoon fishing, take a surfing lesson, or try your luck at the world-famous surf shack. If you are not interested in surfing, you can relax by the pool or engage in a relaxing game of billiards or dominoes.

Dune Road is located less than two miles from the village of beach and bay. Dune Road is home to many historic buildings that were once part of the larger community of Westhampton. The buildings are historical, but the architecture has been completely restored. In addition to being home to the ruins of an older community, the area is also ideal for young families that want to raise their children in an environmentally aware way.

Many of the Beach and Bay bungalow properties are located on the west side of Dune Road. These bungalow homes are perfect for families that do not wish to travel to the far reaches of Westhampton. In addition to being close to Westhampton beach, the properties are close to many other local attractions. The beachside living in these beach bungalow apartments makes them ideal for families that like to spend time outside enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

The cuisine offered at Beach and Bay bungalow communities includes everything from Chinese to Indian to local cuisine. If you are planning a trip to the nearby Atlantic Ocean, you can enjoy a picnic during your stay. Then, when the sun begins to set, you can step out onto the sandy beach and catch some of the many fishermen that make their living off of the Atlantic ocean. The Atlantic ocean offers year-round fishing opportunities for both salt water and fresh water fish. Most of the restaurants are located on the sandy west side of Dune Road, so if you visit during the low tide, you may be able to catch some bluefish.

When you arrive at Beach and Bay bungalow communities, you will be greeted with a welcome beer or coffee. You will then be led to your favorite dining spot, whether a restaurant or pub, located on Dune Road, just a few blocks from the beach. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your meal with your family, as well as to sit inside with your friends and have a cup of tea. Most of the restaurants are located between Beach Road and Eastgate Drive, which are conveniently located close to Dune Road shopping centers and other popular tourist destinations. There are also quite a few hotels in Westhampton, which offer a variety of different accommodation options, including beach bungalow-style accommodations. Many of these hotels also offer complimentary breakfast each morning, which can make your trip even more enjoyable.

Although beach and bay bungalows are small, they do have restaurants that serve amazing food. The restaurants often feature award-winning chefs, fresh seafood, traditional Jamaican meals, and affordable prices. The food is usually very affordable, especially when compared to other resorts, and you can sample a wide variety of dishes. A fun fact about the community is that there are also a number of charter boats available for afternoon trips along the coast.

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