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Google My Business Review Helps Boost Google Places Ranking With the integration of an effective review platform; businesses can improve their online presence. Review Manager automates the review process by identifying poor reviews, rating them, and directing customers to relevant Google places reviews. Automatically identify poor reviews and build strategies to fix them in the future. Review Folders & Banners: Review Folders & Banners are using to promote certain areas of a website. Ensure your Google My Business has a review section.

* Verify your business listing. The primary goal is to verify your business listing before people start reviewing your company on Google Places. To verify your listing, provide a business name, phone number, email address, company image, etc., to Google. Google will send a verification email to the listed details.

* Create a verification code. To verify your listing, the Google team will send you a verification code. The code you’ve created will be attached to each individual listing you create. To use it, go to the Google places account sign-up page, look for the verification code, click ‘Verify’ and enter the code in the box provided on the page. To optimize your listing with high ratings, ensure your company name has been verified.

* Organize your information. Once you have verified your business address and verified your company name, you’re able to arrange all of your information into a tidy dashboard. To make sure all the pertinent information is organized, make sure you check the ‘balkanized dashboard’ box. This option lets you organize your information into tabs so you can see your basic ratings, business name, category, and any extras (such as testimonials) under a single drop-down menu.

* Place your information on your local business listing. To do this, log in to your Google My Business Review account, find the ‘Service area’ tab, and click ‘Place.’ A blank area will be populated with your details, including your business address and company name. To optimize this dashboard for your specific location, make sure your Google places service area has the correct city name or nickname.

* Add a new listing. To do this, click on the ‘Booking’ button next to the’Views’ drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You’ll then see a new page loading, where you’ll see a red + icon indicating that you are adding a new listing.

* Submit your information. To submit your business information, simply click ‘Submit’ on the main ‘My Business’ page, which is located at the top of the home page. An image should then load and show a verification code symbol. To optimize this section, consider using the verification code as a link to your website. This will allow your current customers to have a way to reach your website, should they find out that they can’t verify your page (due to the code not being valid).

* Optimize your listings. When you’ve reviewed your service area, made any necessary changes, and published it to the web, Google My Business Review should begin sending you traffic. When potential customers use Google in their search for products or services, Google should send you results, either through text links, hyperlinks, or direct results. You can use these to display your company’s name, contact information, and online map. If you currently receive free listings from Google, make sure you also submit your listing to Google! Doing so will ensure that your service area will appear among search results for your specific geographical location.

* Take advantage of Google’s online reputation features. The reputation features available on Google include a thumbs-up, a negative rating, and a recommendation. Whenever someone searches for a product or service that is listed in your service area, Google will request additional information from them. If you provide all of the requested information, Google will verify your business address, contact information, and other personal data. If you do not provide all of the requested details, Google will leave it off of your results page and never will attempt to verify the data.

* Mention your listing in Google+ circles. Google uses your Google+ profile to share information with your potential customers, such as where you were born, where you go to school, what you studied, and more. Google will also share comments from your circles with your current customers and your local search results page. By posting comments on your circle’s page, you will be able to reach a new group of targeted customers.

Google My Business Review provides an additional layer of detail for your online presence. You can enhance your online presence by providing a Google+ review of your business, service area, and contact information. Customers will be able to learn more about your business, service area, and any additional information relevant to your business. You can easily increase your customer base and gain more online credibility. By incorporating Google My Business Review, you will be able to attract more customers.


Written by Olivia Jose

I have been working as a content writer for more than three years. I have over 200 published articles on renowned websites. My expertise lie in technology, SaaS businesses, growth hacking, and marketing.

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