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Have Fun Outdoors at NYC Rooftops

There are some amazing places in NYC Rooftops you can visit during your trip to New York City. Some of the best places that you should check out are Union Square, Lower Manhattan, and Chinatown, Queens, the Meatpacking District and the Upper West Side, among many others. If you are looking for a place to go to have fun and enjoy the nice weather in New York City then these are some of the best spots to go to during your trip here. You will definitely want to visit these places when you come to NYC.

There are so many amazing activities you can do in NYC Rooftops that you will never get bored. Some of the activities you can do include horseback riding, golfing, kayaking, taking a bike ride through the parks, walking around and taking in the sights, among many others. NYC Rooftops are definitely a great place to go to when you have the money to spend. When you get to the parks you can buy a ticket and then be in the park for free. So this is one of the greatest things about NYC Rooftops.

A lot of people like to visit NYC Rooftops just for the view from the top of the buildings. NYC Rooftops also offer some of the most beautiful views from the highest floors possible. The weather in NYC is also wonderful year round so you can enjoy the nice weather while you are on top of the buildings in NYC Rooftops. All in all NYC Rooftops are definitely worth making the trip out of your way to.

Ampia Rooftop:

After my recent dinner date with my husband, I was excited to check out the new location of Ampia Rooftop on New York’s Upper East Side. We had talked about how great the cocktails were and how beautiful the view was from the rooftop. The view was spectacular and the food and service was excellent. I couldn’t wait to be there for lunch, and so I ordered an appetizer and a couple munchies to take with me, and I got lucky because the place also offers delivery.

I headed over to the rooftop for some delicious cocktails and sushi after that. It was just great to be out on the Upper East Side in such a wonderful and romantic atmosphere, especially since it was my first time there. My server was very kind and took care of me and helped me decide which items I liked best. The complimentary sushi tasted really good, especially the sashimi selections which were very fresh. The cocktails were interesting and the service was excellent.

As we walked up to the second floor, I noticed that they also had a full bar so I decided to check out the cocktail selection which was incredible. Of course, I had to try the Ampa Rooftop Sushi and the Noma Sushi Rolls, both of which are the featured items on their menus. After all of these fantastic meals, I decided that it was time to head back to the loft for some much needed peace and quiet. The atmosphere was absolutely stunning and even the sound of the rushing waters off of the East River was enough to lull one into a pleasant state of mind. In my honest opinion, I would definitely come back to this New York loft for another visit during my next visit to New York City, and even consider making it a permanent home during my next visit.


If you are looking for a place where you and your friends can go to have a fun night, you should try the Manhattan Beach Pizza Festival in California. The festival runs February 8th & 9th. Top ten most popular ingredients are: Spicy buffalo sauce, tomato sauce, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, spinach, kale, blue cheese, Provolone, Colby-jack cheese, Gouda, and Cheddar. A delicious thin crust pizza is more than its toppings. A good pizza mixes old fashioned traditional ingredients with modern scientific subtleties.

iments like kale, blue cheese, and spinach are actually part of an earth shattering hybrid. The “genetically altered” tomatoes used to make Fornino were actually modified by testing for the specific chemical composition of a wild variety found in Italy. After several successful tests on animals, they were introduced into the pizza making process. Since then these tomatoes have been used in all types of Fornino pies and pizzas.

While some people may question the use of a non traditional vegetable in a pie, I beg to differ. These are not pale tubers of cauliflower. On the contrary, these are full of vitamins and minerals as well as trace amounts of iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium. Also notice that the chef who created this delightful Neapolitan pizza uses a white wine yeast and not a standard yeast. The chef that made this creation using these two secrets ingredients blend truly knows how to work with the ingredients that matter most for the perfect pizza.

Haven Rooftop:

Haven Rooftop Bar is located in Lower Manhattan’s East Village, right next to the iconic Staple Foods restaurant. The bar and rooftop restaurant is a great place for foodies and drinkers alike. There are many different drinks and wines to try that range from the budget-conscious to the offerings from the highly-consumed. The rooftop bar also offers amazing views of NYC’s sights like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. With its proximity to both Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s a great place to spend the night while taking in the best views of the city from New York’s high roofs.

Serrana Italiano & Cabana Restaurant, a post shared cocktail spot on the rooftop promises a long and fun night with $8 selections of red and white wines and mixed cocktail glasses from New York’s finest bartenders. Views of the Strip and the bridges as well as the sunset over the Hudson River are what await at the end of each busy day in New York. The Serrana Restaurant offers live music nightly as well as some great international dishes prepared by top chefs.

For those looking for a relaxing, elegant setting for dinner or an after-party hangout, The Lounge at Haven Rooftop is the perfect place. Located on the second floor of the building, the Lounge offers expansive dining and bar options and is surrounded by several luxurious guestrooms and a grand staircase that snakes its way up to the rooftop. The Lounge offers a classic Italian feel with wood, marble and steel framed interior doors, high backed leather chairs and exposed brick and stained glass windows that overlook the scenic Hudson River.

The Sushi Lab:

The Sushi Lab is a unique place located at Battery Park NYC. It is located between 53rd and 52nd streets and is open every day except Sunday. If you are wondering what this restaurant is, it is a high-end sushi bar in the trendiest part of NYC. They offer many varieties of seafood, sashimi, tempura and also specialties like negari and balsamic vinegar. You can choose from one of the three floors, which are open on weekends only during the holiday season from noon until two in the afternoon. All varieties of food can be found here including some American favorites.

Sushi Lab Rooftop opens seven days a week, Sunday from noon until two in the afternoon. During this time, you can enjoy your rooftop cocktail with drinks served by The Sushi Chef as well as other guest chefs. There is also a private rooftop that can be reached by valet parking. This rooftop is not only for guest use but also for use by the restaurant staff during special events. In Williamsburg there is a small rooftop that is open for up to twenty guests to enjoy their sidewalk seating and their biergarten.

The sushi lab is conveniently located near the subway and you can reach it by the brown cabs. The rooftop is open all day on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. On the weekend there is a special dinner which includes cocktails, sushi, appetizers, and desert. The prices are moderate for a quiet place to sit and enjoy the view of midtown. On weekdays the place is mostly empty except for the cook and a few of the wait staff. This place is usually packed on Tuesday and Friday evenings.


Ainslie is a short drive from all the attractions in Central London, right in the heart of the city’s shopping district. Ainslie’s prime location makes it ideal for visiting both the City and Central London at once. In addition, its central location makes it convenient to all the sights and sounds that the Central London has to offer; a prime spot for visiting the museums and galleries of London and a great place to hang out with friends. Ainslie is also close to the many parks and other natural attractions of Central London, including the famous Hyde Park.
In the early eighteen hundreds, Ainslie was created from sixty pre-construction buildings; a mixture of commercial and residential apartments and retail shops, a post office, a train station, and a large public square. The unique design concepts, and its centrally located location kept this small town alive even when other small towns nearby became more popular. The original residential neighbourhood of Ainslie Wood was designed around an attractive lake, and today you can still find houses built on this site.
Located close to the National Capital Region (NCR), Ainslie is one of the most desirable suburbs to live in for both residents and businesses. Businesses need the proximity to other high-tech industries, residents want a safe and secure place to raise children, and both enjoy a highly diverse population. Business owners can attract services from a variety of industries in the area; Aussies are highly skilled in several sectors including the food industry, while residents can enjoy an array of outdoor activities. This means that Ainslie has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a place to call home, look no further than Ainslie Wood.




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I have been working as a content writer for more than three years. I have over 200 published articles on renowned websites. My expertise lie in technology, SaaS businesses, growth hacking, and marketing.

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