Have We Really reached the Age of Flying Cars?

Have We Really reached the Age of Flying Cars?

I’m not sure if we have ever reached the age of flying cars. However, I do believe we are very close, and we will most certainly have them someday. Here is why I think so.

First, we need to consider that traffic congestion in our major towns and cities is at an all-time high. This means we are putting more stress on the major roadways. In many cases, these major roads will be gridlocked for at least one reason or another. We cannot afford to have the number one priority – your car on the road with you.

There is no room at all for an increased volume of traffic congestion in many of our major cities. With all the parking, there are no more parking spaces! So, with this in mind, can we still call this the age of flying cars?

The truth is that the future looks very bright when it comes to the use of flying cars. That is because they are safe and, most importantly, they are highly energy efficient. When you consider the energy loss from a tailwind like a phenomenon, you begin to realize how important a great energy-efficient flying vehicle is. If we continue to progress as a society, we need to invest in technology that will allow us to continue moving forward at a rapid pace. Therefore, flying cars can only be a good thing.

Second, we need to take into consideration the speed at which we currently drive. We have become a lot faster over the years. Therefore, it would seem that flying cars would not be that much of an issue because we could simply fly at higher speeds. However, that is not the case at all. Air Traffic Control is very complicated, and it takes time for airplanes to receive their coordinates from the air traffic controllers. Therefore, there will be many challenges, and it is probably not a good idea to attempt to pilot a vehicle at these speeds.

Finally, the issue of safety has also been raised recently. Most likely, if you fly in the United States today, you will not be hit by a flying car. However, if you fly anywhere else on the planet, you are very likely to be hurt if it flies in the wrong direction. This is a major concern because there is very little control over the direction in which a vehicle flies. Therefore, it is not surprising to hear people discussing flying cars as if they had just invented them. Some are even calling these vehicles “air taxis” or “air hogs.”

Are these concerns legitimate? Of course, we cannot talk about whether or not flying cars will be a beneficial advancement until they have been introduced. Right now, it is only a concept, and we don’t know how well they work. On the other hand, the transportation industry is not without its worries and concerns. Therefore, it is not out of the question that we may see flying cars in the future, but we simply don’t know when.

The only thing that you can be sure of is that the competition between flying cars and other forms of transportation is fierce. They will continue to innovate and make advancements in their craft. In addition, regulations regarding airplanes will not be easy to get passed. The Federal Aviation Administration may soon propose legislation that makes it illegal to fly a personal aircraft into restricted areas. These may be difficult times, but I believe that we will find a way to fly cars without endangering human life.


Written by Sajjad Ahmad

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