How Can We Wear a Simple Black Shirt With Different Trousers to Look Dashing?

We all get worried about our fashion sense and a little conscious that how should we dress in order to look handsome. Well, I can help you a little with this and give you some basic tips for dressing that would make you different from others. We all have a black shirt because black is a color of aesthetics and black color can be worn with any other color.

I shall tell you the different ways of wearing black shirt with formal trousers or jeans. If you are worried that where would you get all the trousers and jeans and black shirts of good quality then you can visit sites like Shopify where you would get a wide range of shirts and trousers at very reasonable prices in men’s clothing section, there would be honest reviews by the customers which will help you in making your decision.

  • Pair with Dark Blue Jeans

Blue and black really go well with one another so you can buy a pair of blue jeans of denim to match them with your black shirt.  It is a classic combination that would never go out of the fashion. If you are going to a formal meeting or occasion then you can dress up the look with a formal blazer or if I talk about shoes then black leather shoes or sneakers would do the work.

  • Combine the Shirt with Khaki Chinos

If any color perfectly pairs with black after blue then it is khaki chinos. This combination is a little different and this distinctiveness makes you a different person from the masses. It will give you a more casual and relaxed look which is perfect when you go out for weekends or holidays. You may wear sneakers with this combination.

  • Match It with Gray Trousers

When if you have nothing to pair but gray color trousers then just go for it because the Gray color is a calm color that makes you sophisticated. If you are to attend any formal meeting then you can pair your black shirt with gray trousers. It is perfect for the office as well and you can wear a jacket or blazer with the black shirt and you will look elegant. As I said that this match is good for formal or offices then I would suggest you wear formal black shoes with it.

  • Go for Colored Trousers

When you run out of options and you do not exactly have anything to match then you can try it with other colors such as burgundy or navy blue. This unique combo will make you bold and an eye-catcher for the public. I would suggest that just make sure to choose the color that complements the black shirt. If you wear yellow or orange then it would certainly not look good and you can lose your confidence. If you are wearing it for an informal occasion that any informal shoes would look but try to avoid sports shoes.

  • Experiment with Patterns

If you are an experimental type of person in fashion then you can do this, you can add some texture and visual interest to your outfit. If you wear pattern clothes then a black shirt can be paired with plaid, stripes, or checks too. You can decide the type of checks. If it has black in it then that would be great. Before trying this pair, I would suggest you make sure that the color or type that you have chosen is complementing each other and not clashing.

These were the few tips that I deemed necessary to tell but you can always go with others. Before making a pair just remember to consider the occasion and dress code of the event. When you decide on your shirt and pants then also consider accessories like shoes, belts, and watches to complete your look.

Written by Sajjad Ahmad

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