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How to Build a Dream Waterfront House for Your Family 

Dream Waterfront House for Your Family

Do you have a dream of building a waterfront property? A home built near the water provides so many simple pleasures. Is there anything more peaceful than watching soft waves lap against the shore? Or listening to a gentle breeze rustle through the trees? Is it your dream to construct a waterfront custom home?

Building on a waterfront property is many people’s ultimate dream home. Is there anything more breathtaking than the glistening water on a sunny day as seen from your dream home waterfront property? The serenity of the water, the whispering breezes, and the satisfaction of doing so from your waterfront home are all unique.

While the prospect is enticing, building on a waterfront property is more difficult than building anywhere else. To ensure that your dream home-building project runs smoothly, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Can I Begin Construction Anywhere I Want?

There are numerous factors to consider when building on a waterfront lot. Is your property, for example, in the middle of a bald eagle habitat? Federal law still protects these once-endangered national symbols. Fortunately, the eagle population is growing. But, unfortunately for you, eagles prefer to live near water. If you disturb an eagle’s nest, you could face a $100,000 fine and a year in prison (for the first offense).

If you have eagles on your property, you must obtain a Federal eagle non-purposeful permit. It will grant you the ability to clear trees and construct near an eagle’s nest. You’ll need to get expert opinions on your property, such as flood plains, soil, stability, and geotechnical reports. These reports are required in order to obtain a permit to build your waterfront home.

A geotechnical engineer will examine the property’s soil, slope conditions, and erosion history. Only then he will determine a setback from the shoreline and/or top of the slope. There will also be a representative from the building department on hand to determine the ‘ordinary high water mark’ of beachfront property. This high-water mark is critical in determining how close you can build to the water.

Prevailing Winds

Waterfront properties offer expansive views that allow you to see far beyond the water and enjoy the horizon’s undisturbed landscapes. The flow of air has been gaining momentum and building along the water in this vast open space until it eventually reaches a landmark located on the waterfront.

Your waterfront home could be a target for these high-velocity winds. You must understand the wind patterns and directions that exist on your site, and you must design accordingly. 

Few structures can withstand the relentless air pressures that a prevailing wind can deliver, let alone a seasonal storm. As a result, creating fortified and thoughtful positions for your sweet home is important. 

Land Preservation

It is critical to have responsible builders in the construction industry. We recommend those who understand their role in protecting land from anthropogenic effects on water. When undertaking construction on a sensitive property, the landscape must be treated with care. Waterfront properties are no exception, as any mishandled materials can endanger the shoreline and water table.

Furthermore, these occurrences can have a significant impact, as well as liability, on neighbouring properties. A fuel spill, poor material care, and demolition practises on your property can contaminate hundreds of feet of shoreline.

Septic Systems on a Waterfront?

The placement and design of your septic system are critical in order to build your waterfront home in the best location. To begin, a septic designer will need to conduct a soil test. It will determine the type of wastewater treatment system you will require. 

Will you, for example, require a conventional or a mound? What is the best location for your septic system? The location of your septic tank and drain field must be coordinated with all other setbacks and expert reviews.

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to building on the water. You’ll also need a drainage plan. A drainage engineer should be consulted for waterfront properties. He will ensure that drainage from a new home does not harm any existing slopes, bluffs, or other waterfront critical areas. 

To ensure proper space and separation, the ‘engineered drainage plan’ must be coordinated with the septic design.

Sun Orientation

One of the most significant advantages of owning a waterfront property is that the views are expansive. They allow for ample amounts of sunlight, which can carve out different moments in your home. By utilising design techniques to shape the feeling inside a home, your site can take advantage of sunrise and sunset.

The site conditions must balance sunlight opportunities against critical views. As well as the ways in which daylighting can be adjusted using key shading techniques. Ignoring the site conditions ensures that a powerful waterfront home design and what it can offer its inhabitants will fail.

The Right Size of Your Lot

When it comes to waterfront lots, appearances can be deceiving. Many beautiful waterfront lots appear to have plenty of room for development, but zoning restrictions can limit where you can build on your property.

Most government jurisdictions limit the amount of building you can do on your property. This includes your house, driveway, and drive on boat docks, . This is referred to as your allowable lot coverage. It takes careful measurement to avoid exceeding this limit, which is actually quite simple.

To determine the size of a home that can be designed on your waterfront property, you’ll also need to consider height restrictions and view easements. Both considerations are relevant to zoning restrictions and neighbourhood CCRs.


The building process is always more involved on any waterfront property. But the results can be well worth the wait with the proper awareness and approach. There are many restrictions and additional considerations involved in building on the water. But when you choose the right builder, the right machinery (such as the latest factory robot arm), you can still enjoy a beautiful house view.

To create your dream home, you’ll need a builder who understands how to coordinate these sometimes-confusing components. Do you still feel overburdened? We hope this guide has answered all of your questions. 

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Written by Olivia Jose

I have been working as a content writer for more than three years. I have over 200 published articles on renowned websites. My expertise lie in technology, SaaS businesses, growth hacking, and marketing.

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