How to Live Your best Life in Seattle

How to Live Your best Life in Seattle

You’re going to love this.


It’s harder to have a bad time in Seattle than a good time.


Seattle is one of those places that really does have something for everyone.

Seattle is cool.

There’s always something going on, no matter what you’re into. It’s close to a ton of intense and breathtaking nature, and contrary to popular belief, the sun does shine there – just not quite as much as in LA.

You’re only two hours from the beach and the towering peak of Mt. Rainier.

Whether you’re in Seattle for a vacation, are moving there, or will be there temporarily as part of the nomadic mobile workforce, we can’t wait to share Seattle with you. You’re going to have an incredible time.

Where to Stay 

First things first are securing a place to stay. Seattle offers everything from quirky Airbnbs to top-notch hotels for those on vacation.

Dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse? You can.

Prefer taking in the staggering views of the city skyline with a cocktail in hand? There are plenty of hotels that cater to that and more.

If you’re part of a mobile workforce, such as a traveling nurse or construction crew, or if your job landed you in Seattle and you don’t want to rush into a rental or are finding it challenging to locate a home that suits your needs, there are corporate housing solutions and workforce on demand housing solutions.

This article contains a more in-depth look at temporary housing options available in Seattle.

Where to Learn

Seattle is crammed with museums. From the museum of pop culture to Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, Seattle has that and everything in between. If you’re into space, art, museums for children, military heritage, and yes. Even Pinball. There’s a museum specifically dedicated to that.

Suppose you are an aspiring – or aspiring to be aspiring – musician, actor, potter, chef, writer, outdoor survivalist… whatever. There are multiple year-round classes specifically designed for those harboring hobbies. If you’re new to the area, what better way to get accustomed than to take a class in something you’re interested in learning more about and making new friends with similar interests while you’re at it. This list more than likely has something that will pique your curiosity.

Where to Eat

Chances are, when you’re there, you’ll find all sorts of incredible places to eat.

A plate of fresh fish and chips or a vegan, gluten-free meal that knocks your socks off, neither are hard to find.

Toss in the food trucks and craft breweries with crisp coleslaw and sliders with a house-made sauce. Let’s not forget the Michelin star restaurants, too.

In Seattle, you’ll never go hungry.

Check out this site that helps you narrow down top restaurant choices by area.

Where to Be Entertained

If seeing bands perform live is something you love, congratulations. You’re home. Seattle has a well-known music scene. There’s no need to go into its history here; we’re sure you know all about it. While the city is full of music venues of all different sizes, here are a few of the well-known ones.

The Crocodile Back Bar is one of the places to visit. For over 30 years, it had hosted some of the biggest names in rock and roll back before they were famous. Some I’m sure you have heard of. Going to a show at The Crocodile is a must for every music lover.

The Neptune Theater opened in 1921. It was originally a movie theater before becoming another Seattle spot where legends perform. From the acoustics to the layout, no matter where you are, you’ll see and hear everything.

The Sunset Tavern has been around since the 1940s. It’s an intimate space, originally serving as a tavern and pool hall.

Settle into the bar with your favorite drink, and soak up the rock and roll vibes.

No matter what type of music gets your foot tapping, you’ll likely find it in Seattle.

You can also catch comedy acts, theater performances, operas, and ballets.

Off the Beaten Path

Need to get out of the city? If you’re craving the sound of rhythmic waves and salty air, you’re only two hours away. If you long for crisp mountain air, it’s not far either. If you’d like to work off some stress and trek through lush green forests where ferns abound and massive old-growth trees form a protective canopy above your head, you’re not far from that. Outdoor adventures are all around you.


At this point, we have to apologize: this article only scratched the surface of everything you can see, do and eat in Seattle.

Part of the fun is getting there, though. Delighting in the little hidden gems, you find by accident.

We know you’ll have an incredible time exploring and will have no trouble at all finding your place – living your best life – in Seattle.

Written by Sajjad Ahmad

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