‘Jungle Book’ Movie Sequel

The latest release from Disney, called ‘The Jungle Book,’ has been postponed once again. The original release date was October last year, but the film didn’t even see a release till March this year. But it seems that the delay is only due to technical difficulties and not because of any new developmental idea. The movie has been delayed yet again!

Based on the famous story about Mowgli, an orphan raised in the jungle by the forest-dwelling panther, who becomes a cub and starts adventuring with his friends. It is an animated children’s book written by Rudyard Kipling. As the name suggests, it is a picture book that has been made into an animated feature. Though it has received a warm welcome from children and adults alike, there are many reasons why the movie has been postponed. Amongst them are the following.

* Software issues: The software used for making the movie was unable to process the high-definition files produced by the filmmakers, resulting in the low quality of the final prints. This meant that scenes that looked great when projected would look fuzzy when seen in the final format. This also resulted in some scenes being cut out. Since digital prints are already available, the company has not been able to fix these problems.

* Audience response: It is said that one of the reasons for the delay of the movie was the huge response that the first film got. Due to rave reviews and audiences clamoring for the sequel, Disney was forced to push through with the release of the second film in the cinemas. However, the ‘jungle book’ fans are not in the mood to wait for another installment. They demanded the third installment immediately.

* Cancellation of the deal: Disney had originally signed a deal with Universal Studios for the rights to adapt the ‘Jungle Book’ series. When the company canceled the deal, Universal had no other choice but to drop the project. Universal had no other choice but to drop the project as it did not have the finances to go on with the project. Since then, Universal had no plans of releasing the ‘Jungle Book’ series on DVD. The recent release of the Madagascar movie, on the other hand, has also added fuel to the fire.

* Audience reaction: Even after the movie’s release, the public had mixed reviews of the movie. Some loved it, while others disliked it. It is believed that the mixed response to the film was due to the extensive special effects and the ‘wow’ factor exhibited by the ‘Jungle Book’ characters. Even though the special effects were way down compared to the earlier versions, some people found it boring.

* Sequel: Universal Pictures had no plans of making any more ‘Jungle Book’ movies. That is why they had to scrap the idea of a ‘Jungle Book’ series. However, in the last year, Universal Pictures had announced that they are going to release a ‘Jungle Book’ sequel. Universal had also confirmed that the movie is based on the same premise as the first film.

* Marketing and Sales: The ‘Jungle Book’ series has always been a big hit among kids and parents. It had bagged a considerable number of admissions at theaters. The ‘Jungle Book’ sequel is expected to be just as successful. Universal Pictures has high hopes for the ‘Jungle Book’ sequel as it is one of their high-budget movies this year. It is also expected to be a box office winner. Combined with the ‘THX’ rating and the reviews it has received, it is very likely that this film will repeat the success of the first film.


Written by Olivia Jose

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