Lux Vacation Resorts Is it a Good Deal?

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Lux Vacation Resorts is a private membership-based vacation fulfillment group. The question many have is whether it is what it says it is or is not a good deal.


Many people own timeshares and are happy, and many are not. Does that make timeshare a lousy deal? In some cases, it lacks flexibility, and the upfront cost and yearly maintenance can be staggering.


But what are the pitfalls and reality of becoming part of the Lux Vacation Resorts membership?


Is Lux Vacation Resorts a Good Deal?


It depends if you don’t travel and you want to stay home or visit friends it can be a waste of money. Furthermore, if someone joins the Lux membership and never uses it, it is can also a waste of hard-earned money.


What Many Lux Vacation Resorts Members Had to Say


Many Lux members felt that the membership had fewer restrictions than previous timeshares or other point system-based organizations that people have owned and were bound to keep paying for many years. Another big plus is that many felt they did travel more. So that was a huge plus. More travel for less money.



Some people had purchased a timeshare that kept them tied in for life, and when trying to sell their timeshare, they had no interest, even when selling it for 99.00 or even trying to give it away.


The primary issue was special assessment and other issues like rising maintenance fees and additional fees like the resort exchange giants like RCI or Interval. The trading fees started to add up. So most Lux members feel this membership is less upfront and less annually. Most members also have said that they get a better selection of luxury resorts and have more choices than other timeshares and internet sites.


The most significant reason was that they received condos like second homes and had all the amenities like a full kitchen and a living room instead of a simple one-bed hotel room on the internet. So when comparing apples to apples, the choice was clear that Lux was a clear winner.


So is Lux Vacation Resorts a Good Deal


This particular private membership provides many perks and benefits to its member base, including Lux resorts at deep discount prices. With thousands of high-end resorts in more than 100 countries, there are so many possibilities for Lux Vacation Resorts members. The brand’s members know that the perks and benefits make Lux Vacation Resorts worth it. Members have experienced luxury amenities and spacious accommodations when staying at their fine resorts.


The resort experience is the best. Most members get a luxurious second home for the week they want or more. There is nothing to worry about when you leave and choose a many, so your dream destination is just a call away.


Other programs like this don’t offer the flexibility that Lux offers. Members are finding it gives members unmatched flexibility. So I guess most will agree that Lux is a  much better deal than some may have you believe.

Written by Shahroz Afzal

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