Money Heist Session 5 Review

Money Heist Session 5 Review - magazinebee

The fifth Money Heist Session continues, and this time, Mikey is on his way to rob a bank. He gets nervous when he thinks about how the bank guards will react. Will they report him or just let him go? In the meantime, Charlie has tracked down and got into the Men’s Weekly publication offices, which is where he thinks Mikey is employed. He also knows that Charlie is on his way to rob a bank, so he makes a quick trip outside for a gun, but Charlie isn’t carrying anything.

Mikey heads over to Charlie’s location, which is right next to the bank. Once there, he finds a cop and fights him off. He then retrieves the gun from Charlie’s back. Meanwhile, Joelle and her partner drive up and begin talking to the two cops who are outside the bank. They tell them they have to wait there while they take care of the robbery, but Joelle and Charlie just want to get their money now!

Before they get out of the car, they hear a bunch of commotion coming from the robbery scene. Two men are fighting inside the store. One of the robbers throws a large bag of money out of the window. Mikey, Charlie, and Joelle enter the store, but they aren’t long enough to notice the men holding everyone up inside. Then they notice Charlie holding a gun and threatening the other guy with death.

Now the three of them start to run as fast as they can, but they aren’t long enough. Charlie notices a cop car heading in the same direction and rushes to get in the car with Joelle. She tells him they were just trying to get inside, and they didn’t have any money to give to the guy. The two men chase after them, but they are stopped at a red light. The robbers get away, and the red light is soon turned green, meaning they have already escaped.

Mikey and Joelle are confused, but they quickly decide that it was a robbery and need to get out of there. They hide behind the store’s sign, and then Mikey decides he needs to distract the robber for them. He points his gun at the man, but he doesn’t get a chance to shoot because the man just bites the bullet. Everyone in the store runs out as the robber gets away.

Charlie finds his jacket and money and then looks for the exit. The janitor just walks by and notices the guys. He asks the man if he can help them, and he does so just before getting hit by one of Mikey’s punches. The man thanks him and then goes on his way. The janitor leaves, but Mikey follows him outside and tries to convince him to hand over the money.

The janitor won’t budge, and Mikey decides he needs to get his gun since he is pretty sure this guy is after him. He goes back inside, but Charlie isn’t done with fighting yet. She gets out her gun and starts shooting at the men she thinks are after her, but they aren’t. She aims to get inside the store but Charlie ducks and throws a can of soda at her. She hits the window, and then she shoots the gas inside the store.

Everyone runs for the exits, and Charlie finds an unconscious Charlie lying on the floor near the cashier. She calls for help, but no one else seems to be in any immediate danger. Charlie then decides that she needs to get the money while the police take care of everyone else. They all leave the store, but Charlie doesn’t leave without one last thing.

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