Most Beautiful Villages And Small Towns In France

Most Beautiful Villages and Small Towns in France

Most Beautiful Villages and Small towns in France are situated in the southern part of the country near the Mediterranean. The most beautiful one I visited was Clermont-Ferrand in Haute-Provence. It is almost a triangle with the beach on its eastern side, the village beach on its western side and the hills on its three sides. The entire area looks out over the sea and has a very picturesque view.

One of the best things I saw in this beautiful area was the little harbour on the harbor. In the summer it gets really busy with visitors from all over Europe. There is also a port there, so if you have a car you can visit the town center directly. However, if you use your bike, you can easily get to the countryside and see the beautiful countryside. One of the most beautiful places to visit is Collioure which is close to the town of Albi.


You can also visit the town of Bordeaux, which is famous for its wine production. Another place worth visiting is Beaune cemetery. It’s famous for its large number of headstones.


The most famous hills in France are the ones in Provence-Alps. They are known for their unique style of architecture. Some of the most beautiful villages in this part of France are Peribel, Beaune-sur-Mer and Cavers. You should also try to visit Beaune Cathedral.

When it comes to eating, French cuisine is something special. The French people are very good at preparing home cooked meals. Food can be simply savored or enjoyed to its fullest. French cuisine consists of various ingredients such as rice, fish and vegetables. It’s also made up of white and red wines.

Roman Amphitheatre:

If you love history, you must visit the town of Tours. Here you’ll find a Roman Amphitheatre. Tour’s theatre is the most famous in France. In the centre of Tours, you can find the Musee des Beaux-arts.

Due to its strategic location, Rouen has been an important cultural centre in eastern Europe. You can visit the beautiful Annecy Museum. It’s the place where you can find some of the oldest works of art in the world. This museum also attracts people from all over the world. It houses a museum of modern art.

In this part of France, you can also find many historic villages. These places are very interesting to visit. You will be able to see a lot of local traditions being preserved. The people here live in simple houses and also hunt wild game. In addition, they have their own restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine.

When you decide to visit this town, the first thing you should do is to take a train. From there you can visit the Old Town. Here you will find the impressive Cathedral and a lot of museums.


If you are travelling by night, you should make your way to the famous Piccarderie. This is the original theatre of the city. Here you will find Piccarderie’s famous show.

Jean Racine:

The next stop that you should make is Rouen. Here you will learn more about the life of the famous Jean Racine. The town also has a lot of attractions. If you love medieval architecture, you should take a tour to Port Louis. Other interesting places are the Musee des Beaux-arts, Carcassonne Cathedral and the Porte de la Loire.

Le Havre:

Le Havre is known for its wine and food. Here you will learn a lot about the life of the people and how the town came to be. In the town of Le Havre you should visit the Musee des Beaux-arts. You will get to see some famous paintings from the medieval time.

For those people who love history and culture, Annecy is the right place to be. Here you will learn more about the life of the Marquise de Sade and the famous painter, Renoir. There are also many medieval castles in the area that you can visit. In Annecy you will find the most beautiful villages and small towns in France. These towns are known for their unique architecture and they even have their own moat.


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