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The Apple iPhone has been one of the most hyped-up tech products in years. The many rumors have only underlined what a highly advanced, innovative product this is. However, with so many rumors floating around, it’s not surprising that we’ve encountered several ‘runs’ about the future of this very useful tool. Here is a rundown of some of the more common questions that have been raised.

Will there be a change to the Camera? According to several leaks, the iPhone 13 mini will have a new camera module. As it stands, we have seen what seems to be an iPhone 13 Pro Max fake unit and heard several credible rumors of a camera-equipped on the iPhone. Furthermore, some other sources seem to have corroborated that the next iPhone will be named ‘iPhone 13.’ It seems, therefore, that we will once again see speculations regarding this part of the product launch.

Will it be a lite or standard screen? This is yet another question that’s being asked in the run-up to the iPhone 13 pro max release. The rumors state that it will offer a larger display. However, the lite version should be offered at the same price as the standard. The rumors also claim that the upgrade from existing apps to the new app platform of iOS 9 will be free in this refresh.

Is it a standard or an extended lens? The latest leaks reveal that two cameras are coming along for the iPhone 13 no. One of the two will have a standard camera lens, and the other will have an ultra-wide lens. Although the scope of the leak doesn’t specify which one, we could expect the wide lens on the standard Camera to cover more area than the regular. However, the wide lens on the Camera meant for the iPad might be useful in portrait mode. Perhaps we will also see a new image stabilization feature for this year’s models.

Will it come with Apple’s iAd tool? The rumor mill has already begun speculating about what this new application will do. However, the applications that are packed into the software for this device still aren’t confirmed as of this time. As it is, the information is speculating based on previous leaks, such as the one about the iBooks being able to read PDF files. We’ve always suspected that there would be something like this in the new phones, but it was only ever made clear that it will be coming with the regular and the ultra-wide lens models.

Will it support Google Maps for GPS in the future? In early December, Steve Jobs said that the company’s future products would incorporate Google’s mapping applications into them. Although he didn’t say explicitly that they will do this, the inference was made by the fact that he didn’t mention the regular and the ultra-wide lens cameras. This would suggest that the two won’t be merged, but it won’t be completely excluded from the iPhone 7 Plus models either.

How many carriers does it support? The iPhone 13 Pro Max has already been certified by Vodafone, three US carriers, and three more global carriers. Apple hasn’t yet disclosed which of these will be supported on a daily basis. However, a September a15 FCC report shows that it supports all four major mobile phone carriers in the United States.

Is it waterproof? While some people were speculating about whether or not the iPhone 13 Pro Max is water-resistant because of the numerous waterproofing features present on the handset, the truth is that it is not. It can, however, resist liquid damage, but that’s about it. It can’t resist static charge and an intense light ray, so keep those batteries away from it and the queries in your pocket!

Written by Olivia Jose

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