Oscar History

Oscar History

If you are a movie lover, then you must have heard of Oscar history. Oscar is the name of the awards given every year for a best-actor award and other categories in cinema. This is the most prestigious award that can be given to someone and one of the most competitive ones. Every actor competing in the Oscar must perform to the best of their ability to make their movie to win the Oscar.

The trend of putting movies in the Oscar category started in 1900 with Italian films. However, the real birth of Oscar came with the French and English movies. In both those countries, the social and political influence of the natives was highly noted, and there were efforts to recognize the importance of cinema in everyday life. The late Edward Said did great work in preserving the Asian culture in films. However, it was Ben Hur where the term Oscar was first used.

The Italian films of the era were the first to get the Oscar nomination. They won three prizes at the first-ever Academy Awards. But, of course, winning the first Oscar meant something different than winning for acting or for producing. Therefore, this was a pretty tall order for Italian movies back then. The Italians finally got their chance at the Oscar in terms of producing a film in 1950. The movie that they chose was Lawrence Of Arabia.

Another big break for Italian films was Giuseppe De Luca’s La Dolce Vita. It was the first movie to use a real location in the country of Italy. De Luca also made four other movies in Italy around the same time as La Dolce Vita. Those were The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

When John Ford directed All Were Here, he set a record for the number of movies nominated for the best picture award. But of course, everyone had seen him before, and no one really knew if he could win for Best Picture. But Ford did. Ben-Hur happens to be the last movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Ford also directed that movie. No one can forget the scene of Ben-Hur when Anne Bancroft falls off the top of a building.

To this day, the best movie ever made by Hollywood is Gladiator. Matt Damon is the star of this movie, and every boy in America who has a chance to see a movie knows the star’s name. The story of Stallone and Jennifer Aniston is so touching that it is a definite must-see movie for every person. The two Hollywood greats are together again for the big screen in the action/adventure series of movies called the Expendables.

One movie that was left out of the Oscars this year was the film The Informant! Of course, No One Ever leads the Oscars, but it was close. Both movies were deserving of an Oscar nomination, but The Informant! lost out.

Many more movies should have cut. But of course, this is just a start. There are so many great movies from 1997 that you will have to make a list so big that you cannot start to tell the best ones. Some movies that should have been included are Trading Places, Forrest Gump, E.T., etc.

A lot of people are saying that 99% of the movies chosen are the favorites of the audience and not the moviemakers themselves. But if the movie is really that good, then they should win the Oscar for Best Picture. Everyone agrees that whoever is chosen as Best Picture at the Oscar Awards must be a true filmmaker. However, that is why sometimes the movie ratings do not seem to go along with what the public thinks. So, it is hard to say whether or not a certain movie is a favorite with the public when the critics do not think so.

If you want to get a better idea of which movies will win Oscars, you need to read all the Oscar-related material. The book of Oscar is probably the best book to read before going to the movies. It will guide you to choose which movies to choose for your favorite Oscar categories. The book will also give you a list of the top ten movies that came out last year. Reading this book is a smart choice because after reading it, you will definitely know what kind of movies to look forward to seeing at the Oscar ceremonies.

Nowadays, there are a number of websites that are dedicated to helping Oscar history lovers. These sites have a database of all the movies and their trailers. This is a very useful site that can really help you keep track of the latest information on the movies that are expected to win the Oscar prizes. You will also find some cool and funny facts about the movies that are expected to miss the Oscar limelight this year. You can always visit these sites and get a lot of information about the movies that are most likely to win the Oscar Awards.


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