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Oxy-Powder aims to restore intestinal harmony and balance. Studies show that the average person has as much as ten to twenty quilos of solid fecal compacta in their colons. This amount of fecal compacta is enough to cover an area of tenis court. Oxy-Powder uses an oxidation/reduction process to break up the solids and make them liquid. The resulting solution consists of a mixture of water and pure oxygen.

The main ingredients of Oxy-Powder are organic diatomacea, goma-arabica, and sulfur. Other intestinal cleaners contain toxic cargas, and often contain only trace amounts of active ingredients. By contrast, Global Healing Center is a pioneer in the use of organic flux agents, including diatomacea and goma-arabica.

Using Oxy Powder from Global Healing Center will help maintain intestinal health and prevent the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. This powerful intestinal cleanser is gentle, safe, and effective. It also helps remove heavy food, which will eliminate toxins. The ingredients in Oxy-Powder are based on scientific research. The product is made with all-natural compounds that are highly potent yet gentle.

Organic Diatomacea – Organic goma-arabica, and magnesium ozonized. Both ingredients contribute to constant oxigenation in the body, which will last approximately 18 hours. Acido Citrico Natural — the most natural oxigenator — complements the other ingredients in Oxy-Powder. This blend is a safe, effective, and affordable way to restore healthy digestion.

Aside from its natural ingredients, Oxy-Powder e the perfect intestinal cleanser. With just a single dose, it will eliminate toxins and improve digestive health, while removing toxic waste from the body. It is an effective, safe, and organic intestinal cleaner and is highly praised by hundreds of health professionals worldwide. It is safe to use, and its patented formula makes it one of a kind.

Among the many products available, Oxy-Powder is an organic oxigen purifier. It removes toxins from the intestine and promotes overall health. This product contains three key ingredients: boron, diatomacea, and goma-arabica. The first is the most effective, while the second is a milder alternative.

Oxy-Powder is a natural oxigen purifier. It also removes toxins from the intestines. It is designed to detoxify the body, removing toxic waste and promoting digestive health. Intestinal odor is one of the most common symptoms. By using this product, your intestines will feel healthier.

Oxy-Powder – Global Healing Center Oxy-Powder is an effective intestinal cleaner. It is a natural supplement that helps restore normal intestinal function and cleanse the body of toxins. It also relieves the symptoms of sinusitis and other gastrointestinal conditions. It’s gentle and effective. It’s a great option for those who suffer from chronic constipation.

Oxy-Powder works by purifying the intestines and removing toxic waste. It is a colon purifier and catalisator and it is clinically proven. Its effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of poor diet is well documented. Further, its effectiveness is unmatched, which is why it is a popular choice for people suffering from intestinal problems.

Oxy-Powder works by cleansing the intestinal cavity and preventing toxins from accumulating. It is an ideal colon cleanser. It is clinically proven and free of harmful chemicals. It is a revolutionary product, which works to eliminate toxins and optimize digestive health. By using Oxy-Powder, you will no longer suffer from digestive disorders and will feel better in no time.

The Oxy-Powder combines Magnesio-Oxigenado, Germanio Organico-132, and Acido Citrico to create a more efficient intestinal environment. This product is a dietary supplement, and you should consult a physician before using it. It is an effective product for reducing abdominal fat and easing gas. It can be used as a daily digestive aid and can be taken two to three times a week.

Written by Shahroz Afzal

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