Plus Size Corsets

Corsets are versatile pieces you can wear every day. Not only can they be worn alone, but they can also be layered with other clothing. Corsets have become a fashion staple and are a wonderful option for plus size women. Plus size corsets are divine and have many uses, including layering and shaping the body. Here are a few different types to choose from. All of them will look fabulous on you!

The MCC78 Plus Size Corset has a streamlined, long torso silhouette that is perfect for women of plus sizes. This corset is made with 20 spiral and six flat steel bones for tightlacing and waist training. Its front length measures 17 inches and the back is 15.5″ long. This corset is also capable of a large reduction thanks to its cupped rib and lower hip spring of 15 inches and 18 inches.
Madame X Steel Boned Underbust Corset

If you are looking for a corset that fits your body perfectly and is versatile, look no further than the Madame X Steel Boned Underbusted Corset. Designed with steel boning, a front busk closure, and lace up back, this corset fits perfectly and is extremely form flattering. Pair it with a matching lingerie set for the ultimate in underwear style.

This corset is perfect for special occasions. It’s a great choice for Steampunk extravaganzas, Renaissance celebrations, Halloween parties, and holiday celebrations. This corset also works great with erotic accessories like steel-studded belts and leather pants.
Orchard Corset CS-426

The Orchard Corset CS-426 plus size corset offers two distinct waist training styles. One style is a dedicated waist trainer designed for women who want a classic hourglass shape, and the other is an excellent choice for women who have back problems or want a strong structure for the back. Both styles provide the proper support and posture correction.

The Standard corset is made for women with naturally curvy figures. It features an 8″ hip spring when fully opened and features a contoured underbust and hip line. The steel-boned waist trainer also provides a solid support structure to the back. It comes in sizes 34-46 and is lined in 100% cotton.
Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets

Jupiter Moon 3 is a popular plus size corset maker that caters to a broad range of clientele, from the petite to the plus size. Their custom made corsets start at $200, but the company also offers numerous upgrades and further customization. You can find the perfect corset for you by looking for a specific style or size in their online store.

Jupiter Moon 3 makes corsets in a variety of styles and price ranges, including underbust and standard sized corsets. The company specializes in plus size corsets, but they also offer standard-sized corsets for natural waist sizes between 30″ and 50″.

The company also offers a custom-fit option for those who prefer one size over another. The owner of the company is experienced in making corsets for women with curvy bodies. Her corsets are typically heavily boned and made with the best materials. Another shop specializing in plus size corsets is Luscious Pearl Designs. This company offers historical reproductions as well as contemporary couture, so they have the experience to create a perfectly fitted corset for even the biggest woman.
Dark Garden Corsetry

For brides who want a corset that is not just for a bride’s waist size, Dark Garden Corsetry is a great option. This Minneapolis-based corset maker offers bridal corsets, plus-size corsets, and cosplay pieces. The company also offers bespoke corsets and bridal ensembles.

Dark Garden Corsetry creates corsets for a variety of sizes, from a tiny waist to an extra-large bust. Corsets by Dark Garden are tailored to flatter full-figured women and create a sexy silhouette. The fine-tuned fit and adjustable lacing make them a comfortable alternative to back braces and other stretch shapewear.
Woodsholme & Romantasy

For plus-size women, woodsholme plus-size corsetry offers beautifully designed stays and corsets inspired by historical styles. In addition, the company offers clothing and accessories. The corsetiere also specializes in custom-fit corsetry, which includes pieces for people with natural waists up to 60 inches. Typical prices for a plus-size cincher are $235 or more.

This designer offers both leather and silk corsets. Their standard-size corsets fit natural waist sizes of thirty-eight inches to fifty-two inches. The company also provides commissions for custom-fit corset styles. The plus-size line also features a long back, ties at the hips, and a scooped bottom front.

Another plus-size company is Unartig Unique Boutique, run by Lotte in Germany. This company is famous for offering well-fitting corsets for plus-size women. In the video, Cori wears a sleek black underbust corset with matching collar. The corset is made of many panels, which contribute to the smooth fabric and the refined fit.
Meschantes Corsetry

If you’re looking for a plus size corset, you’ve come to the right place! Luscious Pearl Designs is a reputable plus size corsetry and bridal boutique. They specialize in historic reproductions and contemporary couture. They also do personal fittings. Katerina Meschantes, owner of Meschantes Corsetry in Moscow, offers three lacing systems and multiple adjustment points. Her corsets are made to flatter full-figured women and fit snugly and comfortably.

If you want to try on a corset for yourself, you need to know your size. The correct size is critical, and you’ll want to have someone measure you so they can find the right fit. Many corset shops offer excellent customer service and an excellent selection. These are great places to find a beautiful plus size corset at a great price.

Meschantes Corsetry sells leather and silk corsets in plus size sizes. Their sizes range from 18″ to 52″. These sizes are for natural waist sizes. They also accommodate full-figured clients by offering more length. They have a gallery that showcases their plus size corsets.
After Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s corset was made for women in the 16th century, but she was a fashion trend for men as well. She made them more elaborate and her influence spanned beyond the women’s fashion world. Men were also wearing corsets, which were stuffed doublets that gave their wearers a pointed pot-belly.

Luscious Pearl Designs is a company that specializes in plus size corsets. They make both historical reproductions and contemporary couture clothing. Another brand that caters to full-figured women is Totally Waisted! Corsetry, which has merged with Bone & Busk Couture. Kate’s commissions are usually heavily boned, with the highest quality materials used for corset construction. They also feature three lacing systems and multiple adjustment points.

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Written by Shahroz Afzal

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