Rapid Emergency Response System by BluePoint Alert

In this article, we will look at the benefits of the BluePoint Medical Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS). This system alerts medical first responders and guides them to the injured, with the ability to accommodate two-stage alerting. The system alerts on-site security and medical teams to assess the situation and activate the wearable device if it determines that more immediate assistance is required. The BluePoint Medical RERS is a great choice for large buildings, with multiple entry points, and can accommodate two-stage alerting.

Integration with access control and fire door activation systems

A rapid emergency response system, or RERS, is a communication solution that notifies law enforcement and building occupants of a potential life-threatening incident. The BluePoint Alert RERS uses a proprietary 900 MHz wireless network to cover a building’s perimeter and send alerts to law enforcement. Its Visual Point Identification technology pinpoints the exact location of the incident, which allows law enforcement and building occupants to respond immediately. BluePoint’s RERS can also notify building occupants through their mobile phones or by the use of a blue strobe light.

The system is easy to install and uses an IP reader. The system can be enhanced with a medical alert system and integrated with video surveillance. It can also be programmed to automatically close and lock doors during a fire. By connecting an IP reader to a single button, the system is easy to integrate with access control and fire door activation systems. And, once integrated, the software solution can be easily modified for any building.

Command & control capabilities

Using the command & control capabilities of Rapid emergency response system from BluePoint Alert is an excellent way to improve communication within an organization. Users can activate the emergency command group with a pull down station, wearable device or computer icon. They can send a diagram of the situation to a designated group, such as the emergency command team. The visual points are then shared with the Command & Control Incident Management System, ensuring a quick response from law enforcement.

A quick and convenient way to notify local law enforcement of a potentially dangerous situation is to activate the BluePoint Interactive Mapping capability. BluePoint provides building leaders with a visual map of the entire campus, allowing them to pinpoint the exact location of any incident. The BluePoint system also tracks individuals’ movements over time, creating an audit trail for police investigations. The system maintains privacy by tracking movement only when an emergency alert is activated.

Integration with multimedia mass communication to impacted groups

A rapid emergency response system, also known as RERS, is a tool that integrates multimedia mass communication with law enforcement in order to improve response times in critical situations. Its developers hope that the RERS will speed up the response time of law enforcement officials and alert building occupants to potentially life-threatening incidents. While schools have been BluePoint’s primary target market, it has also received positive feedback from other organizations.

This multi-media system enables two-way multimedia mass communication to impacted groups, which includes real-time access to IP video cameras. Visual Point Identification helps determine where officers should deploy to assist victims of disasters. Moreover, it helps identify the location of individuals in need of medical assistance. Once an emergency has been identified, pre-defined groups are notified and given instructions on how to respond. Those instructions can be revised and updated as new information becomes available.


If you’re looking for an efficient way to speed up law enforcement response times, BluePoint Alert Solutions may be right for you. These systems use a highly secure network dedicated to response alerts and are completely independent of other building systems. BluePoint’s wireless system covers the entire building and surrounding area. In the event of an emergency, an alert will be sent to local first responders, containing the location of the incident, building address, point of initiation, and more. The system also features a Visual Point Identification feature that sends location data and dynamic facility layout formatting to first responders.

The cost of installing a BluePoint emergency alert system varies. Some systems are free, while others are not. Generally, the cost of installing a rapid emergency response system by Blue Point Alert is about $175960. The cost depends on which emergency center you use for your system, which can vary. Most emergency centers are open around the clock, so you can count on receiving alerts whenever you need them.

Written by Shahroz Afzal

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