Some of the Famous Tourist Destinations in Egypt


If you’ve never visited Egypt, you might not know that there are so many amazing places to visit and beautiful sights to be seen. In fact, Egypt is such a wonderful place for travelers from all corners of the globe. This short article will highlight some of the more popular Egyptian tourist destinations. Whether you want a historical tour of the pyramids or a relaxing trip by the beach, this is one place you definitely need to visit.

Alexandria: The ancient city of Alexandria is located on the eastern coast of Africa and was home to the Great Pyramids of Giza. It is also where the world’s oldest parliament building now resides. The city today is a beautiful blend of Victorian architecture and new urban developments.

Luxor: Luxor is another important historical destination in Egypt. The city is home to some incredible pyramids as well as a large number of temples. For example, the Temple of Karnak was built centuries ago and had magical powers. Other popular attractions in Luxor include the Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art and the Valley of the Kings: The obelisks that dot the metropolitan area. The Valley of the Kings: The museum explores the history of the Pharaonic era. The city is also famous for its food, as well as for its thriving street markets.

Luxor/Saqqara: One of the most important cities in southern Egypt, Luxor/Saqqara was the ancient capital of the empire of Pharaone. It is where the Pharoese ruled. The main attractions of this ancient town include the Luxor Museum, the Valley of the Kings, and the Luxor satellite observatory. The latter offers a clear picture of the Milky Way.

Alexandria: The ancient capital of the Nile, Alexandria is an important port on the Nile. It was also the center of learning, trade, and government in ancient Egypt. The Cathedral of St. Catherine is the first church built in the area. The ancient Greeks built the Pyramids of Giza hundreds of years ago. The Coptic Church is located here as well. It is considered to be the first Christian church in the world.

Hurghada and Quseir: Located in the Northern region of Egypt, Hurghada and Quseir are two very important cities. They were prominent trading posts along the banks of the river. They were home to pharaohs and empires. The ancient Egyptians depended on commerce and shipping to support their booming civilization. The two cities also produced great Pyramids.

Luxor and Aswan: The Luxor Temple complex was built by Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. Moses and his tribesmen built the Aswan Museum. The cities are also known for their ancient temples. You can see the Great Pyramids of Giza and the earliest structure built by pharaohs in the Aswan Museum. Both of these cities are known for their significance in the history of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Red Sea: This part of Egypt is also a good place to do beach sports such as swimming and snorkeling. The Red Sea is very rich in history. The ancient Egyptian pharaohs were buried at the site of their capital at Dockers. Today, ancient monuments and world-class hotels offer accommodation and other services to make your stay in Egypt unforgettable.

Alexandria: The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria was founded by Roman Emperoriusius during the 2nd century AD. The city has been an important cultural center in the region. The Roman Forum is still a beautiful place to visit. The University and the Roman Amphitheatre are also famous attractions.

Luxor and the Papyrus: The Luxor Temple complex and the Egyptian Museum are very popular places. The Luxor Temple complex includes the Karnak Temples, the Luxor Temple, and the Temple of Hatshepsut. The Egyptian Museum houses many ancient artifacts. The papyrus is a vital part of ancient Egyptian history and is written on the papyrus with symbols depicting religious events in the early history of the place.

Hurghada and al-Foua: The Hurghada Province and the al-Foua Province are two important places in northern Egypt. The city of Hurghada comprises the towns of Aswan, el-Arish, and Saqqara. The most famous landmark in this area is the large island of Hurghada, which separates the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The ancient port of Quseir is also famous.

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