Summer Restaurants in the US

Summer Restaurants in the US

Summer is officially here, and that means summer restaurants. Summer is a time of holidays, sunshine, beaches, and fun. What better way to enjoy all of the benefits of summer than by dining out? Many different types of restaurants in the United States serve summer meals. They cater to all types of tastes and budgets. Here are some of the top summer restaurants in the US:

La Habana Cuban Cafe:

This is the ultimate place for a lunchtime gathering. This restaurant is one of the best options for meeting friends. It has many different menu options from Sandwiches to subs to salads to pasta. There are also many different prices, so everyone can find something to their liking. Plus, there is a great selection of summer drinks and mixed drinks.

Panini Bar:

This is the perfect place to grab a sandwich and enjoy the outdoors while having a beverage. They have many different sandwiches, such as the tuna melt, shrimp pasta, and so much more. Plus, they have some of the best salads. In addition, you can enjoy a cold brew on the rocks or enjoy a glass of sangria.

Tastefully baked:

If you want to get a taste of the outdoors without having to go live in the wilderness, then head to this Indian restaurant. The restaurant serves seasonal dishes made from traditional ingredients. They offer chicken tikka, salmon, tilapia, and lobster. Plus, they have many delicious sweets, including fresh mozzarella and fresh fruit sorbet. These foods will make your summer vacation one remember.

La Trattoria:

This Italian restaurant has been one of the most popular in the South since it opened. It offers some of the best Italian food in the country. Plus, their pizzas are always topped with some of the freshest and tastiest toppings. They are made from some of the best ingredients available and are topped with a range of fresh vegetables and meats. You can enjoy a tasty meal and a great cocktail at this one of the best summer bars.

La Martina:

This New Mexican eatery offers some of the best seafood you will find anywhere in the United States. They serve many kinds of seafood, including sockeye salmon and king mackerel. Their fried fish is also a culinary delight. You can enjoy a delicious seafood dish, a fresh seafood salad, or even a pico de Gallo. Plus, their desserts are absolutely delicious!

Bill’s BBQ:

This barbeque restaurant in Iowa City offers some of the most popular barbecues in the area. Plus, their burgers are some of the best around. They feature special sauce options that include Brisket and Blue Cheese. You can order their famous corn chips as well as their famous BBQ. This barbeque restaurant is located just a few blocks from the Iowa State University campus and within walking distance to several other dining and entertainment options.

Mesquite Lodge:

 If you are looking for the best summer restaurants in the USA, look no further than Mesquite Lodge. This barbecue joint is located in the heart of the city. Along with its mouth-watering burgers, they have some of the best steaks available. You can enjoy their specialty steaks on their patio or inside their indoor dining area. There are plenty of pool tables and billiards in this fantastic place too.

Baldy’s Texas Style:

This is one of the summer restaurants in the USA that offers a variety of fresh seafood. They serve up some of the best shrimp dishes you will ever eat in your lifetime. Of course, you can try out some of their shrimp gumbo, grilled shrimp, and their delicious seafood salads too. With plenty of fresh seafood and a wide array of fresh seafood choices, you should never be stuck for choice when it comes to summer restaurants in the USA.

Bill’s Grill:

While not technically a restaurant, this barbecue chain allows you to enjoy some tasty burgers and tasty steaks. Plus, their kid’s menu is fun for everyone, and their entertaining is always a crowd pleaser. You can enjoy their summer specials and their summer desserts too.

Mesquite Lodge:

If you love the taste of good burgers and steak, but you are tired of eating the same old dull food every single summer, then you should check out Mesquite Lodge. It is one of the summer restaurants in the USA that serves up some of the freshest seafood around. You can try out their Salmon Nachos, Prime Rib, Texas Style BBQ, Crab Cakes, and their other mouth watering entrees. Mesquite also has a kid’s menu, so you do not have to worry about going home hungry. This is one of the best summer restaurants in the USA that you will want to check out each year.

Written by Lisa James

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