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The Best Movie Seats at Tampa Movie Theaters

Best Movie Seats at Tampa Movie Theaters

If you are planning a night out at one of the Tampa movie theaters, you should definitely check in on Instagram. That is because Tampa film festivals have been using it as a marketing tool for years. For example, Tampa filmmaker Clay Ramsay used it to promote his latest movie, “The Damned United.” Tampa resident and Instagram user Jacob Woodruff posted a picture from the film festival with the caption, “And the best thing about visiting the @tymuntz cinema this weekend is the beautiful lights they installed in the hallway outside the theater. Also, the movie starts at midnight PST, so you can see it first time on Instagram.”

While that may sound like a pretty big statement, it really isn’t that big considering that Tampa is home to several of the country’s largest movie theaters, including the five large local movie theaters that are the mainstays of Tampa’s local economy. Tampa movie theaters have long used Instagram to build their brand name and have also used Google+ Local to attract local customers. In fact, it was on Instagram that the original Tampa signage for the five theaters was posted. It featured a photo of reclining seats from each of the theaters and was liked by local patrons who were able to identify the chairs on the back of the photo.

Today, you will find that not only movie theatres have made use of Instagram and other social media to boost their visibility and draw in visitors. Several of the local Tampa theaters now offer special pre-show events and promotions that feature giveaways and discounts to first-time customers. In addition, there are a number of live music acts performing at some of these events. The Ruskin Family Drive-In offers classic movie theater food and has full view windows of the screens. You can enjoy some of your favorite drive-in movies right at home with the family.

Cape cinemas present several types of promotions, including meet & greet opportunities for kids, giveaways, discounted food, and drink. For example, the Regal Xscape Cinema in Tampa Bay features first-rate, premium quality entertainment while you take in the latest releases or catch an all-new Hollywood blockbuster. The Rix Theatre at the Xscape Cinemas Riverfront 14 provides premiere quality entertainment with affordable movie ticket prices. Not to be outdone, the Tampa Ballet presents popular productions like Cats and the Bulldogs and the Nutcracker, both at the Westgate Theatre in Tampa Bay.

Tampa film schools teach students how to film, produce videos, photograph, and edit with the latest technologies. Several of the local movie theaters feature Instagram posts from our subscribers and followers and the opportunity to post comments and photos from anywhere around the globe. In addition, you can check out pictures from the Tampa International Airport, Tampa Bay’s Ybor City downtown, Tampa’s Channelside, or check out Tampa Disney’s Port Tampa.

Several Tampa movie theaters showcase classic movies and foreign films with classic audio, picture, and sound. There is the Majestic Hollywood in Ybor City that hosts movies on rare occasions. The Silverton at Hollywood and Main Street in Tampa Bay offers live music and dancing. For those who love silent films, the Criterion Collection houses rare screenings of old movies. Or visit the Ovarian Park Drive-In in Tampa Bay for your chance at a midnight movie!

It has been almost nine months since we featured our favorite drive-in in Tampa Bay, and since then, the Roxy Movie House has closed. While it was great to have a classic movie house such as the Roxy remaining in business, it is time for another classic Tampa treat! The Regal Movieplex in Tampa Bay will host the annual Regal Open Air Film Festival this summer. If you are wondering what a Regal Open Air Film Festival has in store, it is a festival in which films are played for free, and the best of them are usually the most expensive at a reduced rate. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some big-name movies on the big screen, with tickets going on sale just before each show!

Last but not least, we present our most popular post-shared Tampa social media blog, which happens to be on Instagram. We do not really promote the movies here but rather provide a venue for others to share their experiences on the big screen. When we review the movies, we also share a few reviews. In this case, we are recommending the new film, Kingsley Blue. One reviewer said that Kingsley Blue is “so good it makes you want to watch the rest just to be sure you’ve seen it before!”


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