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Top 5 Places on Your Chicago Food Bucket List

Chicago Food Bucket List

There are many different places to put on your Chicago food bucket list, but some are more worthy than others. If you are a true foodie, you must try the Taco In a Bag. For late-night snacks, try Ann Sather, where you can get giant cinnamon rolls for $3.50. And if bagels are your thing, check out Chicago Bagel Authority. This iconic Chicago institution is a favorite among college students and locals.

Jeppson’s Malort

You may have seen the Malort Face on the Daily Show, but did you know that the liquor is not for the faint of heart? Despite its medicinal properties, this Chicago staple is not for the faint of heart, as it is very strong and can leave you feeling woozy. The liquor was originally brought to the United States by Swedish immigrants, but the liquor’s success was limited to the city. Nevertheless, it is a must-try for the true Chicagoan and will surely make you crave a shot of Malort.

Jeppson’s was originally made in the 1920s, but the company’s success has led to the revival of this spirit. The Chicago Distillery, founded in 1903, closed in 1986 and now produces Jeppson’s Malort in Florida. Since 2008, the company has been expanding its presence in Chicago and has recently re-opened. But before you make your next trip to Chicago, make sure to add Jeppson’s Malort to your Chicago food bucket list.

You can find the elusive major in local Chicago bars and restaurants, including Saint Lou’s Assembly in West Lake and Roger’s Park Social in Pilsen. You’ll also find Malort at local dive bars in Chicago, such as the Archipelago in Washington, D.C. However, if you want to have it at home, you’ll need to order it online.

In addition to the history of the Malort, it’s also worth checking out the distillery. The company was founded by Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson, who sold his malort concoction door to door in Chicago for years. Unfortunately, the original Chicago distillery closed in the 1970s, and the recipe was subsequently sold to a lawyer named George Brode. Eventually, Jeppson’s Malort was distilled in Florida and served as an ingredient in local drinks. Patricia Garelick now owns Jeppson’s Malort.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable shot or an irresistible Malort, a stop at Jeppson’s Malort should be high on your list. Chicago’s best shot and beer combo can be found at almost any bar in the city. There is even merchandise based on the drink. So if you’re looking for a souvenir, check out the popular Jeppson’s Malort handshake.

Gene & Georgetti

Old-school steakhouse Gene & Georgetti is a Chicago food destination that offers seafood and meat specialties in a traditional setting. Located in the old Italian section of town, this restaurant has a traditional setting that will transport you back in time. Its meat and seafood dishes are well-seasoned and beautifully presented. You can also enjoy Italian specialties. A visit to this restaurant is a must on your Chicago food bucket list.

The oldest steakhouse in the city, Gene & Georgetti, has been serving the city’s famous rib-eyes and bone-in filets since 1941. The steaks at the restaurant are so flavorful that they are considered the city’s “spiritual steak capital.” The steakhouse is also the oldest ones in the city, opening in 1941 and still rocking seven decades later. Other menu items include broiled strip loin and Greek-style chicken.

The wine list is another reason to add Gene & Georgetti to your Chicago food bucket list. On March 29, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, an Italian restaurant chain, will be hosting a wine dinner at Gene & Georgetti. The event will feature Executive Chef Cristiano Bassani, a former wine-tasting master, and Marcus Notato, a longtime friend of the restaurants. In addition to the wine list, Gene & Georgetti is hosting a 4-course wine dinner.

If you’re looking for an Italian steakhouse in Chicago, Gene & Georgetti is the place to go. Opened in 1941, this family-owned Italian steakhouse has been serving the city with outstanding quality and portions for over seven decades. Located in River North, it’s also close to the historic Navy Pier, where the Great Fire destroyed many homes. Many waitstaff at Gene & Georgetti has worked for decades.

Stan’s Donuts

If you’re looking for a new place to eat donuts in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. With a new store opening in East Lakeview later this month, Stan’s Donuts is sure to become a Chicago landmark. Early risers can also receive mystery gift envelopes, T-shirts, and doughnuts for life. While you’re waiting in line, you may want to buy one of the many tasty treats and t-shirts to commemorate your experience.

If you’re in the mood for some donuts and coffee, you’ll probably be happy to know that Stan’s has a new location. The 2,000-square-foot store is also the site of a doughnut contest featuring lemon pistachio, red velvet, and caramel marshmallow varieties. So if you’re in the mood for a treat, you’ll want to visit Stan’s in the Loop on October 1. You can’t go wrong with a dozen of these tasty treats, and you can’t miss the opportunity to try them if you’re in Chicago.

Don’t miss the Balaclava donut. This California-style donut is 100% vegan, and it shares a space with Upton’s Breakroom. You can order a donut in any shape you want or even create your own. You can also order coffee, smoothies, and boba tea, and a delicious treat can be delivered to your door. So whether you’re visiting Chicago for the first time or are looking for a new favorite for your next donut order, be sure to put Stan’s Donuts on your Chicago food bucket list.

Don’t let the name fool you. This Chicago donut shop has something for everyone. You can find a vegan option for everything on the menu, and it’s easy to customize your order with your own personal favorite toppings. For example, try the banana and Nutella doughnuts, which are guaranteed to make your day. In between, you can try the Portillo’s sandwich, which is Chicago’s king of sandwiches. Pair this dish with a chocolate cake shake, and you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

Stan’s Popcorn Shop

Adding the popcorn to your Chicago food bucket list is a no-brainer. This Chicago institution has been serving kettle-popped corn for decades and is the perfect place to sample it. In addition to the famous Garrett Mix, the Original Pancake House serves fresh and authentic apple pancakes as well as Dutch babies, omelets, and eggs benedict. You can even order a pick-your-own bag of popcorn and enjoy it right in the street!

The first store opened in 1949, and the flavors have only grown since. The unique mix that Stan’s sells is not patented; the recipe came from customers who mixed their own popcorn. Today, more than 30 shops around the world carry this tasty snack. This Chicago food bucket list item is a must-try for any food lover. The shop has been around for 65 years and has earned the status of a Chicago staple.

A true foodie cannot go without deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style popcorn. The city’s iconic dishes are renowned nationally and internationally, from the mile-high ice cream cone to the fried chicken. Of course, no foodie can resist the irresistible food served up at Stan’s. The Chicago food scene is truly diverse, and you’ll find something to suit every palate.


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