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Top Things to Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

Things to Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

When you think of Reykjavik in Iceland, what kind of pictures do you form in your mind? Do you picture ice-blue waters, pink icebergs, and a silent landscape? Do you imagine a bustling market where you can find everything that you need to spice up your life? Well, there is so much more to a city like this one called Reykjavik than what meets the eye.

Iceland, on the south coast of the globe, is the capital and biggest city of its neighbor Denmark. It is home to both the Saga and National museums, chronicling Iceland’s Viking past. The impressive old Victorian houses are a great place to start exploring Iceland. Exemplifying the spectacular volcanic activity prevalent in the country is the geothermal Blue Lagoon, near the village of Grindavik. The lagoon was formed when molten lava flows from underneath the earth’s surface, depositing iron salts into the water. The water then cools and fuses with the surrounding air, forming a fountain that flows silently into the blue sea.

The best things to do in Iceland are all about geothermal activity. Take a ride to Mjolladahre Disk, one of the geothermal stations in Iceland. Here, you will be able to observe a unique geothermal phenomenon in action: the collapse of the ice shelf caused by the changing weather conditions when the ice shelf collapses, portions of the Iceland shelf rise and create new bays and areas of natural marine life. In this particular area, you will have a chance to swim among fish, go deep-sea fishing, take part in water-skiing, or simply relax and admire the amazing geothermal activity.

You may also want to explore the breathtaking countryside of Iceland. There is no shortage of hiking trails in Iceland. Start with the Grjavellar National Park, which is best known for its spectacular scenery and spectacular wildlife. You may also want to explore the countryside surrounding the Hnifsdalur National Park. This part of Iceland features rolling countryside, beautiful mountains, and a plethora of exciting activities and events.

If you like visiting tourist locations and would like to explore some of Iceland’s cultural heritage, a trip to Reykjavik is a must. A visit to the Western region of Iceland allows you to explore the historical remains of the Vikings. You can participate in a Hekla festival, learn about Iceland folk music, or watch a performance by the Icelandic theater. The Western region of Iceland also boasts plenty of exciting attractions for tourists, including the popular Ice Cave, where visitors can try ice skating. For those who are looking for more excitement, there is an exciting opportunity to ride an elephant!

If you are a music lover, a great activity to consider while traveling to Iceland is a hell concert. This traditional Icelandic musical art involves stringing noises together to produce a melodic score. There are several Hekla concerts in Iceland during the summer months; if you would like to attend one such event, the best thing to do is to book a room at a conference hall in Iceland. Hotel rooms in these conference halls are quite inexpensive, and you will be able to enjoy your stay amidst beautiful scenery and the sounds of traditional musical art.

For visitors interested in other sights and activities, the most recommended way to travel to Iceland is by air. The easiest way to reach Iceland is by using either Iceland’s main airline Hainan Airlines or another Iceland-based airline. When you arrive in Reykjavik, either of these companies will provide you with a rental car; however, if you would rather spend more time sightseeing around the volcanic landscape of Iceland and discover the region’s hidden wonders, you may hire a boat ride or a walking tour. Another option is to visit one of the many area sites around the area; these sites preserve the historic culture of Iceland for future generations.

After taking part in all of these activities and tours, it would be a fitting reward for you and your travel group when you return to Iceland and find a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Before you leave for your trip, consider hiring a cab to transport you to your hotel; or better yet, consider arranging a vacation rental in the area. A self-catering vacation rental would allow you to make the most out of your Iceland trip, including a relaxing stay in your private apartment or a luxurious room at a fabulous Iceland hotel. You can also enjoy the local cuisine while taking in the stunning scenery and the beautiful panoramic views from your Iceland vacation rental.

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