Dessert in NYC Is a Must Try!

Desserts In NYC

Are you looking for the best places for dessert in NYC? If you are, then you have come to the right place. New York is known for the most delectable desserts. Here is a short guide to the top places for dessert in NYC.

Metropolitan Milk Space In NYC:

First of all, if you are looking for the best places for dessert in NYC, look no further than the Metropolitan Milk Space. This bakery specializes in Belgian waffles and has more than 60 varieties on its menu. Along with Belgian waffles, the bakery also serves French vanilla wafers and honey sponge cakes. These desserts are so yummy that I didn’t want to leave the table even when I was there!

Baby’s Kitchen In NYC:

Another place that is easily one of the best dessert places in NYC is Baby’s Kitchen. Baby’s offers not only a wide array of traditional New York-style cheesecakes but also some creative twists. For instance, they have a maple glazed donut cake! As you can see, this place serves both sweet and savory with an extensive selection. Of course, you must try the Big Apple Pizza. The crust is made of real apple pie dough and topped with a spicy tomato sauce, which really cuts the richness of the donut.

Sweet Treat In NYC:

For a sweet treat while in NYC, you should head over to towers to satisfy your sweet tooth. At this place, you will find ice cream, banana splits, and sorbet. This dessert is best if you order it at room temperature, and if you opt for the ice cream and banana splits, you will need to have it chilled. If you want to get sorbet with your banana splits, then you should plan to go tozanas instead.

Ice Cream In NYC:

If you are looking for ice cream that tastes good but is still inexpensive, then you should check out calgonette. This is considered one of the best desserts in NYC because it features both local and international flavors. Among the offerings, you can choose from a tasty sorbet, strawberry shortcake, blueberry crumble cake, chocolate-orange ice cream, and much more.

Hot Chocolate In NYC:

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy snack? Hot chocolate is your answer! It is delicious both on its own and when mixed with nuts and granola. This delicious treat can be found in almost all the hot chocolate drink shops in NYC.

Pasta In NYC:

Do you love pasta? Then you must try pasta dishes while in NYC. There are many pasta dishes that are available not only in Brooklyn but in other parts of the country. From fresh handmade Italian pasta, chunky pizza dough, pasta salad to even grilled meat sandwiches, pasta is Brooklyn’s number one choice of food and desserts. Of course, Italian food is known the world over, so expect to find pizza and Italian bread in almost every Italian restaurant in NYC. Other pasta dishes that can be found in Brooklyn include Greek, Mexican, Japanese, and Middle Eastern foods.

Cold Dessert In NYC:

As if you are not satisfied just yet with the delicious flavors offered by the above mentioned delicious treats, you can always opt for a cold dessert. The best desserts in NYC are usually made with either sugar or lemon. Either way, you can be sure that you won’t be wasting any opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth in the city. So if you are hungry and craving some sweet treats, don’t hesitate to find the best desserts in NYC.

Sweet Tooth In NYC:

Another great way of quenching your sweet tooth is by trying NYC’s very own version of a pudding pie. Pudding is a classic favorite of many people, and it can be enjoyed anywhere in the city. If you have never tried to have a good pudding pie, then you really need to do it. You can go to a bakeshop and get the best pudding pies they have, or you can also check out the hundreds of desserts and pudding recipes online. If you are not too knowledgeable about the sweet stuff, then you can ask the baker to whip up a special recipe for you.
For a sweet and tasty treat, there are also many French restaurants that serve excellent French-inspired dishes such as Pain au Chocolat and Pain au Deux. You should also make it a point to visit the more traditional French bistros around NYC to sample their authentic French dishes. If you want to experience a more authentic French restaurant, you should definitely visit the ones on your ‘bucket list’ in New York City.

French Restaurant In NYC:

Another great place to enjoy dessert in NYC is at any of the delectable French spots around the city. These spots are usually open for lunch and dinner as well as weekend brunch. You can order some of the most delectable pastries and desserts, or make sure to go all out and treat yourself to some scrumptious appetizers at these restaurants. You should definitely make sure to check out this list of the top places to eat when you are in the New York area.

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