Great Chicago Food Bucket List Items

Chicago Food Bucket List

When you hear someone mention that Chicago is a food bucket list destination, don’t get the wrong idea. It may just be an indication that they like delicious deep-fried pizza, or they have never sampled anything from a different part of the world. But for the true connoisseur of food and a chocoholic in general, Chicago is heaven on a plate. Here are some of the must-try, no-miss spots in the windy city.

One of the top dishes on the Chicago food bucket list is popcorn. If you haven’t tasted authentic Chicago popcorn, you’re missing out. The signature popcorn that’s made at the concession stands along the lake is made with real butter and is made to order. Don’t think that you have to settle for a can or bag of popcorn from the local gas station or convenience store. Make it yourself and treat yourself to a piping hot bag of popcorn at home or at the office.

Another hot food item on the Chicago food bucket list is a delectable deep-dish pizza. The standard version is a thin crust with cheese over it topped with caramelized onions and peppers. But with the offerings from local catering companies such as Jimmy Johnson’s Purple Haze Pizza Place or the now-famous Peterie’s Chicken Pot Pie House, there’s something for everyone. A thick crust with a soft interior filled with layers of cheesy sauce is good any time, but if you’re going to go with the Chicago-style hot dogs or pork burgers, you’re in for a real treat.

Of course, the Chicago restaurant’s bucket list would be incomplete without mention of the famous hot dog. Chicago’s sizzling hot dogs can be found all over town, but the original dish remains on most of them. A slice of Chicago-style dog with fries and sauce is a must-try, whether you’re on a diet or not.

Another delectable dish that makes the cut on the Chicago food list is the deep-dish pizza. Deep-fried pizza may seem like an odd choice for pizza, but the Chicago-style version has a lot to offer. The deep-fried pizza is made with Canadian ham and Swiss cheese on top and is served with garlic bread, tomatoes and mayonnaise. For a healthier alternative, consider going with a vegetarian version that uses chicken or turkey instead of ham. The fact that the dishes are served on wood boards with the familiar bread and tomato areas that are characteristic of authentic Italian food make it truly satisfying.

If you really want to kick up your calorie count, you need to try the spicy jibarito. Although the name may give some the wrong image, the dish actually has a milder taste than its pork and beef counterpart. A thick flour tortilla sandwich filled with a spicy jibarito sauce and your favorite toppings make a delicious and satisfying meal. It also goes well with a mild Manischew tomato sauced atop a wheat tortilla. If you’re looking for a hot dog replacement, the Chicago food Bucket List recommends the Chicago hot dog, which is a fried pork sandwich that is served with grilled onions and mild peppers.

If sausage and Italian beef isn’t your thing, don’t worry, as there are plenty more options on the Chicago food Bucket List. You can also request a “mini plate” if you’re so inclined (a miniature plate is half of a meal). A mini plate could be lightly steamed vegetable salad with your favorite ingredients such as spinach, tomatoes, and a sliced pear. With the generous use of American Cheese, this makes a delectable meal that’s easy to take on any sort of diet.

Of course, popcorn isn’t the only thing that’s making a comeback in the Windy City. Chicago has also become known for its deep-dish pizza. The Chicago deep-dish pizza that’s made in the state of Illinois is probably the most beloved pizza of all. If you are looking for a sweet treat, a deep-dish pizza stuffed with sweet caramelized gooey cheese is a treat that you should absolutely have a slice of. Chicago is known for its windy city, which means that it gets a good amount of snowfall. Many restaurants have added this topping to their pizzas, so now you can enjoy a wonderful sweet treat while watching a little Chicago hockey.

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