Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

rear loader garbage truck
rear loader garbage truck

The rear loader garbage truck is the true workhorse of waste management, proving its efficiency in both commercial and residential settings. These vehicles can pick up a variety of solid waste, including organics, plastics, and paper. Read on to find out the pros and cons of each type of garbage truck. They are a great option for a garbage company or commercial setting, but be sure to check the costs before you buy one.

Rear-end loader

A rear-end loader for a garbage truck can be a useful tool when emptying a large amount of trash. The design of a rear-end loader involves a dumpster that fits into a groove on the truck. A cable or chain system is used to lift the trash container and unload it into the garbage truck hopper. This system can be easily converted to run on CNG, which is more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative energy. New Way’s Cobra is its most popular rear-end loader, while its Cobra Magnum is a heavy-duty model with rear-loading capabilities. Rear-end loaders come with a low-profile design and low-maintenance frame-mounted oil tank.

A rear-end loader is the smallest of the three types of garbage trucks. This type of loader can accommodate six to eight cubic yards of garbage and is known for its numerous standard features, many of which are upgrades on competitors’ models. It also can be adapted to residential cart tippers and has a Driver Alert Buzzer on the curb. Its compacting capabilities and easy maintenance make it an ideal choice for smaller waste management operations.


When choosing a side-loader rear-loader garbage truck, consider the size of the container it can carry. Most standard trucks have a capacity of approximately 30,000 pounds of compacted garbage per day and up to 28 cubic yards. Some side-loaders can be very affordable second-hand, and they cost far less than automated trucks. For your convenience, consider a manual side-loader before you make your final decision.

A self-cleaning auger on the side-loader rear-loader garbage truck reduces maintenance on the cylinders. A dual-purpose side-loader waste collection truck offers maximum adaptability and the futuristic appearance you’d expect from a waste collection truck. These trucks can handle the most demanding routes, such as residential areas, while still maintaining efficient cycle times. If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle that will serve your customers with dependability, choose a Premier-branded vehicle.


Rear loader garbage trucks are the workhorses of the refuse collection industry in both large cities and small towns. They offer efficiency and low Total Cost of Collection thanks to their dual-track design and high-pressure hydraulics. The Heil DuraPack(r) 5000 is a mainstay of refuse collection fleets. For more information, visit our website. We also offer services for customized refuse trucks, including installation and repairs.

While a new front load garbage truck costs up to $200-350k, gently used front loaders can be found for around $150-200k. There are many pre-owned trucks available for a low six-digit price. Despite the high cost of new garbage trucks, they can last for up to 15 years with proper maintenance. As with any other part of a business, the truck is the heart and soul of your operation. Make sure to weigh your options carefully and stay abreast of industry changes.


Rear loader garbage trucks have long been the workhorse of the trash collection industry. This style of a truck has fewer moving parts and therefore less potential for breakdown. Its compactors are also more powerful than conventional garbage trucks. Another benefit of rear loader garbage trucks is their affordability. A rear loader truck can be used in a variety of situations and is perfect for businesses and municipalities that do not have the resources to purchase one themselves.

Rear loaders have large openings at the back which makes it possible to serve both residential and commercial trash customers. Another benefit of a rear loader is that its lifting mechanism doesn’t require clearing the cab of the vehicle or the hopper ceiling. This makes them perfect for cities with overhead cables. They are also easy to maneuver in tight spaces. RDK Garbage Truck Sales and Service sells rear loader garbage trucks. You can also rent a rear loader garbage truck from RDK Garbage Truck Sales and Service. Renting a truck may be beneficial if you’re starting a new service route or need to expand an existing one.


Rear loader garbage trucks are great for residential curbside garbage collections. These trucks are compact and feature a low load-fill threshold. They can handle a large amount of waste at once and have excellent compaction rates. They are available in a variety of capacities, from six to forty cubic yards, depending on the model. Some models even have an optional HC model. Here are some of the models available today.

Rear loader garbage trucks are among the most common types of trucks used for municipal trash collection. Their durable design and ease of operation make them the mainstay of the small hauler industry. They are available in different sizes, from 6 yards up to 20 cubic yards, and can be FET exempt. Rear loaders can also be purchased in split-body configurations. The split-body rear loader has independent tailgates, making it easier to collect a variety of commodities on a single route. This allows for co-mingled collection without the need for two separate trucks.

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